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    Respect other fans

    This website is dedicated to Rihanna and you need to respect fans that are supporting her over here. Haters are not welcomed. If you came here just to start fights you will be banned not only from the forum but from viewing the complete website. Person who will not follow this rule will get warning points. 

    No nudity content

    As much as we're supporting the "FreeTitty" campaign, content that is strictly XXX is not allowed here. A person posting any XXX content will be banned.

    No spamming

    Spammers are not welcomed. Please do not use this website to promote your own content. If you wish to promote your website you need to ask administators for approval first. Otherwise you will get a warning point. Spamming robots will be banned without warning.

    Keep it tidy

    Before starting a new topic make sure the subject wasn't already created. Please take a minute to search around the forum if you're the first to post this content or if someone did this before. Topics with the same content will be closed without warning. Users constantly posting in wrong sections will get warning points. If you want to post latest news -> go to News section, if you want to discuss Rihanna in general -> go to General Discussion. 

    User prefixes

    When starting a new topic please use prefixes (tags). This way other fans will quickly see what is the topic about. 

    English only

    Rihanna Navy is international, however, we prefer to use English as our main language. Please post only using English. Keep your writing in proper styling practices. Do not wRIte LiKE tHiS bEcaUse NoBoDy wIll uNd3rStand U. 

    Respect copyrights

    Make sure to credit the orginal source of posted content. Do not post content you are not allowed to post. As Rihanna Daily is constantly receiving letters from 3rd parties that own the right to this content we wish to respect all authors rights.

    No illegal music sharing links

    We respect Rihanna as well as all other artists and this is why we do not approve sharring illegal download links. Users who share music illegally will get warning points. 

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