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    Are you Rihanna?

    No, we're only very dedicated fans. If you wish to contact us, e-mail rihannadailycom@gmail.com or tweet @rihannadaily.

    Can you send Rihanna a message from me?

    Unfortunately, no. Rihanna has millions of fans and it's impossible for us to help all of them. Yes, you're not the only one asking us for this. How about you try contacting her on Twitter or Instagram?

    How do I sign up to the forum?

    Very simple! Click here.

    How do I post a video in the forum?

    Oh, yes! Make sure to read our forum guidelines and rules. If you still have any questions, please check our support page.

    How do I post a video in the forum?

    Simply copy the media url, paste inside content box and "enter". After a couple sections your video will load an embed preview.

    How do you become a NAVY ANCHOR?

    If you're willing to spend quality time on interacting with the Navy on the Forums, you're already on the right track. Make sure you know all about Rihanna, share it with other fans, help the ones who have questions, create special posts and share great ideas. That's the kind of Navy we're hoping to join our moderators crew!

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