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Webmaster: NATALIE
I’m a  HUGE Rihanna fan from Poland. I’ve started creating a small Rihanna fansite in early 2006 (it was first called World of Rihanna), later I’ve joined another site called “Ultimate Rihanna”. Due to some unhappy circumstances, I was forced to get a new website and that’s how “Rihanna Daily” came to life! I love music, fashion and Rihanna is a huge inspiration to me! This website is just my dedication to her amazing work.

Webmaster: RODRIGO
I’m Rodrigo, a 26-year-old Brazilian Rihanna lover. I became a Rihanna fan right when she released her first song, “Pon de Replay”, in 2005. Since then I’ve been supporting her no matter what. Working on Rihanna Daily with Nat has been a long, tiring journey… and totally worth it. I’ve seen Rihanna live more than 10 times and am always looking forward to seeing what she’s gonna do next to surprise and inspire her Navy. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. :)