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777 Tour

To further promote Unapologetic, on November 14, 2012, Rihanna embarked on a seven-date promotional tour entitled 777 Tour. She performed seven concerts each in a different city in North America and Europe in seven days to promote the release of the album.The tour was promoted and supported by HTC Corporation; during the 777 tour, Rihanna was joined by elite group of fans (including and 150 journalists which represented 82 countries. They flew with the singer aboard a chartered Boeing 777 twinjet to every venue she visited during the course of the tour.

The 777 Tour started on November 14 in Mexico City and continued on November 15 in Toronto, November 16 in Stockholm, November 17 in Paris, November 18 in Berlin, November 19 in London and ended on November 20 in New York City.

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