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    Aren’t you familiar with the early years of Rihanna’s career? Here are some cool facts:


    • She was discovered by two producers who were on vacation in Barbados.
    • Her big break came in 2003 when she introduced to music producer Evan Rogers through mutual friends, who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife at the time. Rihanna went to audition for him with two of her classmates. He tells Entertainment Weekly, “The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn’t exist.” She ended up leaving Barbados and moving to Connecticut with Rogers and his wife to try and jumpstart her career.
    • She recorded a demo tape which was sent to several record labels. Once she auditioned for Jay-Z, the president of Def Jam Records, he signed her on. She was 16 at the time and had moved to New York .
    • Rihanna was one of three new artists that Jay-Z has signed to Def Jam; Teairra Mari and Ne-Yo are the other two. After a year Teairra Mari (who at first was suppose to be the leading Def Jam lady) was signed off the company.
    • Jay-Z was skeptical about Rihanna initially. Brown played him the record that’s turned out to be her first single, Pon De Replay, and Hova was nervous about it.
    • Rihanna used to take a shot before every show to warm up her voice.
    • Her first single Pon de Replay samples popular Jamaican riddim, which was made famous by dancehall artist Sean Paul. She originally didn’t like the song.
    • She toured with singer Gwen Stefani to promote her debut album Music of the Sun.
    • Her entire tour rider (requests made by artists) is filled with junk food.
    • Her single Diamonds is her favorite song. Ironically, she says she’s not impressed by diamond jewelry, preferring gold.
    • Jay Z’s verse on her single Umbrella was kept secret from her until she heard the final version.
    • Her show at Foxwoods marks her first visit to a casino
    • In her song Don’t Stop the Music, she samples a part of the Michael Jackson song Wanna Be Startin’ Something from his Thriller album.
    • Christina Milian was originally asked to record S.O.S. (written by Jonathan Rotem) by Def Jam but she declined. Rihanna was then offered to record it.
    • In the Philippines, If It’s Lovin’ That You Want became Rihanna’s first #1 single.


    • In 2012, Rihanna signed a three-year deal to become an official ambassador for her native country of Barbados. The deal was made in an attempt to boost tourism numbers and included photoshoots on the island’s beaches.
    • A few years earlier, Barbados honored the singer with ‘Rihanna Day,” which was declared on Feb. 21, 2008. To show her appreciation, she returned to the island and performed a free concert.
    • Rihanna won Gillette’s Venus Breeze “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award in 2007. Right after that, she insured her legs for $1 million.
    • In 2012, she was one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.
    • Nearly every pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes that Rihanna wears are custom-made, due to her friendship with the designer and the fact that she wears a size 9.


    • Rihanna was born in a little island called Barbados. On the right side you can see the national flag. Rihanna used the trident symbol in few of her videos. This way she showed her Bajan pride. (Bajan is slang for Barbadian).
    • She was never called Rihanna until she became a big star. Rihanna is actually her middle name, her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
    • Her family still calls her Robyn.
    • All her siblings’ names start with the letter R.
    • Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, is an Irish Barbadian and her mother, Monica Braithwaite, is Afro-Guyanese.
    • Rihanna was a military cadet during high school.
    • While growing up in Barbados Rihanna visited the beach everyday with her two brothers. She still does visit the beach whenever she comes to her hoem country.
    • Psychology was Rihanna back up plan incase singing didn’t work out for her.
    • She was rumoured to have an affair with Jay-Z…later it was said that it was just a pubicity stunt to increate her media coverage. She was also linked to Shia LeBeouf, Josh Hartnett and many more. She has denyed all of those rumours.
    • She still has not found time to get her U.S. driver’s license.
    • Rihanna is a “picky eater.” In a 2011 story for Esquire, she admitted she’s very stubborn when it comes to food, though once she arrived in America, Jay-Z helped her branch out, making her try things like calamari.
    • Rihanna goes to the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica frequently when she’s home, and usually orders spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried calamari.
    • In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant and performed in the Colours of Combermere School Show, singing Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.
    • Rihanna has had many ups and downs with her father, Ronald Fenty. Rihanna admitted to Oprah that he used to be physically abusive to her mother. They ultimately divorced when Rihanna was 14 years old. Ronald struggled with addictions to alcohol and cocaine when Rihanna was a child and she even once walked in on her father using drugs.
    • She’ll often used to send her mother, Monica, gifts, but that her mom would send them back because she researched the price and thinks it’s too expensive. One gift that was likely not easily returned was a five-bedroom house in Barbados, which Rihanna revealed she had purchased during an episode of Oprah.
    • She witnessed an exorcism in Barbados when she was 8.
    • She thinks Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont is haunted and refuses to go there.
    • She was supposed to be a maid of honor in singer Katy Perry’s 2010 wedding but due to scheduling conflict she couldn’t attent (the wedding took place in India).
    • Rihanna dislikes dishonest people. She prefers people to be honest and loyal.


    • In April 2013, the “Rihanna Navy,” as her fans are known as, was named music’s most die hard online fan base by Complex Music.
    • Rihanna boasts various wax figurines at the famous Madame Tussauds wax museums around the world.

    More to come…

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