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    Rihanna Navy

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    Rihanna Navy



    Rihanna Navy – singer Rihanna’s fanbase. A group of strong, loyal people who all love Rihanna and have been inspired by her. The group comprises hardcore Rihanna fans who has been stanning for her since 2005.

    The name was created in late 2009, soon after releasing her “Rated R” album. Contrary to reports, the name was not created after Rihanna starred in “Battleship” movie, but after her song “G4L” with lyrics:

    We’re an army, better yet, a navy, better yet, crazy…

    When Rihanna released “Rated R”, she was facing a lot of backlash from “fake fans” who didn’t like the sound of a new, darker album. Her biggest supporters decided to “fight back”. Gathered together on Rihanna Daily Fan Forum we were planning strategies on how to support Rihanna – including Download Weeks, purchasing of her music, making her singles #1.

    At this time, Justin Bieber fans have started to call themselves “Beliebers” and we thought that we too need a name for the most hardcore Rihanna fans. The name was not intended to call all fans but just the most devoted members of the forum. Also, at this time, no other fan base had an official name.

    One of the forum members, Lisa suggested that the forum members should be called “Rihanna Navy”. And so it began. The term brought us together and made us even stronger. The term description appeared for the first time in public on RihannaDaily.com’s front page in DictionaRIH. This may have been the moment that Rihanna noticed it as she was a frequent visitor and supporter of the page.

    The first Rihanna Navy headquarters was no doubt the Rihanna Daily Forum, however, with the growth of social media we soon moved over to Twitter. Soon Rihanna has also created her official account on the platform and the first account she followed was her fansite – Rihanna Daily. Her close connection with her fans made the group even stronger.

    Watch Rihanna’s first shoutout to Rihanna Navy in late 2010. From this moment all Rihanna fans started to be called “Rihanna Navy”.




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