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    Rihanna knows how to handle her business! Find out more about them:


    Named after her brothers Rorrey and Rajad (RO-RAJ). The company owns trademark to “Rihanna”, “Rebelle By Rihanna”, “Rebl’l Fleur”, “$chool Kills” and more. The company is based in New York City and Los Angeles and is run in partnership with Rihanna’s managment Roc Nation. This is a mother-company for all Rihanna’s business.


    In August 2010 Rihanna has started yet another company. Rihanna Entertainment merges all of her “businesses, including music, film, fragrance, fashion, and book ventures,” as the pop star shared with The Associated Press.


    Rihanna’s creative teamwith Ciarra Pardo as the Creative Director. It hires multiple staff including consultants, project managers, assistants etc.


    Rihanna’s own record label. The first song published under this company was Four Five Seconds featuring Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney. The name comes after the street where Rihanna was leaving in Barbados until she moved to USA. The company gives Rihanna more control over her music.


    Rihanna founded a beauty and stylist agency name Fr8me. The Los Angeles-based firm assists artists in booking commercials, editorial shoots, ad campaigns and red-carpet gigs. “Hair, makeup and styling play an important role in creativity,” Rihanna said. “I am very involved with that part of my process, so this agency was an organic thing for me to do. We are lucky enough to have some of the best artists at Fr8me,” adds Rihanna, “but I also have a soft spot for finding new talent with extraordinary skills!”

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