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    Celebrity Covers

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    There’s no doubt Rihanna is one of the most popular musicians from the ’00s, so that means not just fans and regular people, but celebrities want to sing her songs as well! Check out a few celebrities who have covered her songs:

    Kelly Clarkson covers “Bitch Better Have My Money”:


    Vin Diesel covers “Stay”:


    Jennifer Lopez covers “Diamonds”:


    Sia covers “Diamonds”:


    Coldplay covers “We Found Love”:


    George Michael covers “Russian Roulette”:


    Thirty Seconds to Mars cover “Stay”:


    Adam Lambert covers “Stay”:


    Jessie J covers “We Found Love”:


    Demi Lovato covers “Stay”:


    Ed Sheeran covers “We Found Love”:


    Selena Gomez covers “Birthday Cake”:


    James Bay covers “FourFiveSeconds”:


    The Ragtime Gals cover “Bitch Better Have My Money”:


    Ellen DeGeneres covers “Bitch Better Have My Money”:


    Fifth Harmony covers “Stay”:


    Are we missing any big celebrity covers? Let us know on Twitter.

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