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  1. I hope so... The problem is that she is doing several cinema projects (Bates Motel, Valerian,Oceans 8) and she seems that she's gonna take a break from music. This is not so bad, but I hope that this break won't be so long as the one that she took between Unapolgetic and Anti...It will be so painful for we #Navy
  2. #R9

    Where have you red this?
  3. I agree with Unfaithful, the album is good, but it isn't the best. The same for the Era. This era has been good but not excellent, the main prove is the fact that she hasn't released the LOTB video yet. The reason isn't that she is too much busy but I think she is satisfied for the results that Anti has reached... this is the only possible reason even because when Rihanna used to release a new album every single year she has never maked us waiting a long for a video (except for What Now). I'm bit worried for #R9, she said that we won't wait so much time again for a new album, but if we look at what rihanna's gonna do this year (Bates Motel, Oceans 8, Valerian...) I think we have to wait for new Rihanna's music and.. musical videos
  4. The 99% of celebrities relationships are a mess, but if I have to be honest I'e never been so much happy for Rihanna and Drake relationship. I've always thought that Drake is a bada**. I hope Rihanna will find the good person for her
  5. Hi Navy? How are you? I hope you're y'all good. I've already posted a similiary topic with my old account but unfortunately I've lost it . Last year Rihanna was involved in her Anti World Tour. She came in Italy too but for economic reasons I couldn't go to her concert. I was so upset and sad at the same time even because I've seen a lot of fans getting into the backstage of Rihanna's concert and now I'm wondering how they did. Have you ever meet Rihanna at a concert? If yes how did you do? Have you bought a VIP ticket? Have I to wait when the concerts end and then go to the backstage? Please if you can help me answer me because I wanna go to her next concert in Italy and I wanna meet her and I don't know what to do! p.s. I'm sorry if I could be annoying
  6. music

    It's hard to say, but I think that before having some trusted news we have to wait the first 2018, because this year she is involved is several other projects (Oceans 8, Bates Motel, Valerian...) so probably she'll keep herself focused on this projects. But that doesn't mean that she hasn't started recording some new songs! We just have to wait . Have you ever met her?
  7. Hi Navy. Are you doing well? I hope so. Probably this question have already been posted by someone but I'm not sure so I wanna ask you when do you think Rihanna will release her new album? She said that we won't wait anymore so much time for a new album! Maybe this question could seem trivial, but even if it's only a year since Rihanna released Anti I already wanna #R9. What do you think about it?