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  1. music

    Well we might get something new this year, but we don't have any progress report about her 9th album yet, so I don't think it is soon; probably at the end of the year or by the summer perhaps.
  2. I think the album itself is great, but it isn't better than her previous albums. It has some amazing songs such as Kiss it Better and Work and few other songs that are subjective (and fun, such as Pose/Sex With Me.) I think this whole era is kind of a mess in advertisement, but Rihanna proved she kind of doesn't need the advertisement? Rihanna has proven to be very busy this era, and I'm a bit upset she isn't posting frequently on her social media! She is mainly using Instagram but it isn't fun posts like they used to be.
  3. Yup, only going to watch it cuz of Rihanna lol.
  4. Imagine hating Rihanna and actually have to watch her win all the awards and sell all of these music in the world.

    1. Davidz999


      It could be so painful:D:D

  5. Didn't update in a while. LOTB dropped to 22 this week and is expected to reach a new peak of #19 next week. LOTB is #14 on the US radio as well.
  6. Nah.
  7. This website gave a summary of Rihanna and Dirzzy's relationship and it's so accurate it makes me baffled how their relationship has been a mess. http://www.contactmusic.com/drake/news/drake-and-rihanna-s-relationship_5524193
  8. I'm going to watch it only because of RiRI lol.
  9. Hope she wins the fan army of the year again!
  10. Yup, that's right, Flop it Better has sold 1,000,000 copies in the USA recently. I thought this song wouldn't ever pass the gold certification but it actually did. Congrats Rihanna!
  11. I hope by January. The song got hyped so much and it peaked at #20 on the Billboard charts, but it might start dropping soon. It needs promotion and a music video to jump back and claim that top 5 that I hope it's getting.
  12. LOTB jumped back to #20 this week.
  13. Drake and Jennifer were KISSING. Like, Riri and Drake were kissing in September in Miami, so it's safe to assume they broke up by October or something, and Drake's already moved on. Time to unstan.
  14. Welp, it seems Aubrih is over. Drake is dating Jennifer Lopez now (really.. why does she always date men much younger than her, lawl) and he is even making new music with her.