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  1. Riri is a bad ass who has a heart of gold and helps the world. Congrats on your honor.
  2. Riri is killing it in Cannes.
  3. Glad to see that all of Riri's dreams are coming true for her.
  4. Thanks Rd for the pics. She looks great.
  5. Congrats Riri on your Bet nomination for Best female pop/r&b artist. Hope you win. Good luck. U should of gotten more noms but oh well.
  6. Well she is the face of #Dior so no big surprise that she attended the Dior show in Santa Monica May 11th.
  7. The Bow Creeper sandal is a home run. Riri they are really cute.
  8. She only works with the best. Good luck guys on your 3rd capsule collection.
  9. Great news. Riri doing good on behalf of others nothing new. She has a big heart. If she can help and make great clothes at the same time she will just do it.
  10. Thanks RD for the update on Oceans 8.
  11. IMO Riri shut down the 2017 Met gala red carpet.
  12. #ThatRihannaReignjustwon'tletup.
  13. Happy Easter Navy and RD.
  14. Good of Riri to help promote his new album to her navy.
  15. Congrats Riri on your 14 noms. Good luck and i hope we win them all. #Anti