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  1. Riri's Bday is this Sunday Feb. 20th. Happy early Bday Riri. Have a great day.
  2. Riri not taking home any Grammys for #Anti is wrong. Up for 8 and won none. I do not agree with the voters.
  3. Riri is always their to support Roc Nation i wish Jay-Z would be in her corner like she is for him. I like those white pants she has on Riri looks great
  4. Riri will be at the Grammy's this Sunday.
  5. Riri in a multi episode arc sounds good to me. Can't wait to dvr the whole last season of Bates Motel. Thanks guys for casting her.
  6. Riri congrats on the Harper's Bazaar cover. Great cover pic of you.
  7. Riri good luck with your 3rd Fenty Puma by Rihanna line this March in Paris. I hope the 2017 line is a massive home run for you.
  8. Happy to read she will be on Bates Motel for several episodes.
  9. Great cast. Hope the film is a hit for all involved.
  10. Her 1st album #Anti from her own label was a big hit right out the book. Nice job Riri. Can't wait for the LOTB video and #R9 to come down the line.
  11. Riri giving back to the world as usual. She has a big heart and truly wants to help everyone in need. Keep up the great charity work. The world needs more people like you.
  12. Thanks RD for the video clip. Good to see Riri working on a film set. I hope Ocean's 8 is a smash hit. Looks like Riri has a big role in this film. Nice.
  13. Congrats Riri #ThatRihannaReignJustWon'tLetup.
  14. Riri we need a video for #LOTB. I hope 1 is coming quickly. Congrats #LOTB leaps into US itunes top 10 chart
  15. Riri congrats on your People's Choice award for Best R&B artist.