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  1. Happy to see Riri kill in in film,music, and fashion. Hope the film is a big hit.
  2. Riri dance club queen of the charts.
  3. Good to read her show was a home run on all fronts.
  4. I hope your 3rd Diamond ball raises a ton of money.
  5. Fenty beauty line coming soon great news. She said she was going to do it and she did. Great job Riri.
  6. Congrats Riri on you 22nd top 5 hit on the BBhot100list with #LOTB.
  7. Love the high heel pink shoe and the green sliders.
  8. Her 3rd FentxPuma and imo her best collection with them to date. Proud of you Rih.
  9. Congrats Riri on your 3 wins.
  10. Thanks to Desperado_RIH for the video pics.
  11. Congrats Rih on your Paper Mag cover.
  12. Riri enjoy Paris. Nice pick of you at the Dior show.
  13. Lovely and heart felt speech. Riri we your Navy are very Proud of U. Keep up the great work
  14. Riri way to go. I'm very happy for you. #LOTB another bona fide smash hit.
  15. Can't wait to hear it on the radio. He is really hot in 2 years 4 top 10 albums. The song will be a monster hit with Riri on it.