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  1. No one else can rock it like my Riri. She slays everytime. Keep it up, I still have your back girlfriend. You look fantastic. #TheBest.
  2. Congrats Riri. You make all of us very proud every time.
  3. Looking forward to seeing you tonight Rihanna. I'm still supporting you 100% in whatever you do, whenever you do your thing. Good luck tonight at the Grammys. Much love.
  4. I wonder what Prince Harry thinks of Riri. He's looking at her full in her eyes. I think he likes what he sees, especially since he is currently dating a commoner. I'm gonna definitely save these pics and make a necklace from them., add to my other collections. History in the making here.
  5. Yes, Prince Harry will meet Riri at the Barbados 50th Independence Anniversary celebration November 30th, 2016., can't wait.
  6. Riri is dreading out.
  7. Oh Riri, that was a pleasant surprise. I know you're having fun. Live life girl!
  8. Just do your thing Riri! Life is too short enjoy it while you can, you work to hard. I'm with you 100%.
  9. Roots rock Reggae! I'm just playing around, getting used to things folks.