“Can’t Remember To Forget You” video coming tomorrow (Updated)
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The wait is ova!

The video for Shakira’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You” featuring Rihanna will be released this Thursday (January 30) during “Shakira: Off the Charts”, a 30-min special at 8PM ET/PT on E! News. Then watch the video at 8:35PM EST on VEVO. Watch the making of below and a sneak peek:

Rihanna talks about personal life, Viva Glam, new film
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Via USA Today: Rihanna gets why fans, or even curious bystanders, might think she’s music’s other resident wild child. You only need to check her Instagram to see ample photos of the singer in teeny bikinis, at various exotic locations, doing various very non-PC things.

“I think they think I’m drunk all the time. I think they think I am always partying, that my house is probably a party all the time with tons of people and tons of music and no clothes. I think that’s what they think,” she says. “I’m actually very laid back. I love watching TV on a big old couch by myself. I love to swim in the ocean or the pool.”

But beyond all of that, behind the sleek hair and glitzy Lanvin scarf, Rihanna is actually also a very savvy businesswoman and a social media powerhouse, with millions of followers.

Music aside, she’s been Mac Cosmetics’ first-ever celebrity “creative partner,” launching three sell-out collections with the brand. And now, she’s the face of Viva Glam, fronting a bold lipstick and lipglass, with all proceeds going to the Mac AIDS Fund, which helps people living with the disease. According to John Demsey, chairman of the Mac AIDS Fund, Rihanna takes her role with the brand quite seriously. “She’s 100 million percent involved. She conceptualized all the shades of her commercial collaborations. She conceptualized the shade of Viva Glam. She’s a force of nature,” he says.

Rihanna says she was “floored” by the response to her previous makeup lines, and “wanted to expand my role, so to speak, as a more philanthropic role.” So does she view herself as a role model? “I don’t like to use that word because people have their own opinion on what that means to them. I can’t really say I’m a role model. I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to sell that,” she says. “I want people to have fun but be responsible, protect themselves and be in control of your life. You can never judge people. I always made that a point. You never know what someone is going through.”

She just released a single with Shakira called Can’t Remember To Forget You, and she geeks out over the Colombian singer, whose post-baby body leaves Rihanna speechless. “Don’t even talk about it. But you know what? It gives me hope,” she says, giggling.

Rihanna didn’t attend Sunday’s Grammys because her categories were off-camera and she wasn’t performing, so she chose to sit that one out. She’s “playing” with more music, she says, and she’s one of the voices of the DreamWorks animated film Home, along with Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin. It’s her first foray into voice work.

“It’s such a different experience from being on camera. You really get to learn the art of acting and dialogue. I don’t know about going more into acting – acting is something I respect so much. It’s another level of skill,” she says.

Chances are, if she does venture into Hollywood, she’ll share that information on Instagram, which shows the enviably buff Rihanna smoking, swimming and frolicking on beaches, in oceans and with friends and family. She doesn’t agonize over what she shares with the public and her more than 11 million followers.

“It’s in the moment. Even sometimes I go back to my Instagram and I’m like, ‘Did I really post this?’ I never know. One day I would never post this type of picture. A week later, I like this post,” she says. “It’s when I’m bored. It’s in the moment.”

MAC Cosmetics Launches Viva Glam Rihanna (Pictures)
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After her Good Morning America appearance, Rihanna attended the MAC Cosmetics launch of Viva Glam Rihanna at MAC Store Soho. Ladies, did you get your VivaGlam yet? Make sure to visit maccosmetics.com!

Rihanna on Good Morning America (Updated)
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Rihanna was a guest at Good Morning America earlier today! Rihanna talked about her chairty project for MAC – Viva Glam and new music.

“Music is what I love to do, so you’ll never have to worry about me not doing that.”

Rihanna will be on GMA this week (Updated)
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Rihanna Navy, Good Morning America has revealed that RiRi will be on the show this Wednesday (January 29) in New York City.

Rihanna will be talking about her collaboration with MAC on their VIVA Glam Campaign.

Got a question for her? Tag it with #askRihannaGMA and she may answer you when she stops by Times Square!

Good Morning America airs on the ABC television network from 7 to 9a.m. in all U.S. time zones.

Rihanna wins the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album
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During the pre-telecast of this year’s Grammy Awards, Rihanna won an award in the category Best Urban Contemporary Album for “Unapologetic”. She tweeted and wrote on Instagram:

$weet $urprise, pretty phucking rad! Thank you.
I cried! My phuckin lil album! We out here bruh

Congratulations, RiRi!!!

Rihanna and Mikky Ekko did not take home the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Stay”.

Unfortunately, RiRi did not show up at the awards show.

This is Rihanna’s 8th Grammy:

  • 2008
    Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Umbrella)
  • 2010
    Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Run This Town)
    Best Rap Song (Run This Town)
  • 2011
    Best Dance Recording (Only Girl)
  • 2012
    Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (All Of The Lights)
    Best Rap Song (All Of The Lights)
  • 2013
    Best Short Form Music Video (We Found Love)
  • 2014
    Best Urban Contemporary Album (Unapologetic)