July 8

When Rihanna asks you to be in her new music video, it’s not something you think twice about. Sure, it’s gonna be controversial, but it’s also gonna be badass, a global success and really fucking cool. Adding kidnapped wifey to her already impressive CV of cover star credits and movie roles including hologram megastar S1mone in Al Pacino’s cult 2002 title of the same name, the dream girl proves her worth in the NSFW and LNV-rated BBHMM. i-D catch up with the Next models beauty to discuss her new skills and tackle the backlash claiming the video is anti-feminist.

How did you react when Riri requested you for the video?
I didn’t have much time to react since it came together very quickly. I was in Paris and I knew it was really happening when Rihanna’s team asked if they could send someone to my hotel to fit me for the grills I wore.

Which scene was the most fun to shoot?
The party scene in the seedy motel was wild. I actually got to act without being bound and gagged.

Did you encounter any problems on set?
The whole thing was a roller coaster ride. There were so many locations and it was shot very guerrilla-style that I just had to hang on for dear life.

How long can you hold your breath for?
I’m a surfer so I’m used to holding my breath for as long as it takes to get out of the “spin cycle” when I get thrown.

How did you feel about being hung upside down naked?
Because I’m doing a stunt, I was more worried about getting hurt than having no clothes on. But it is definitely a first for me.

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