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    The “Unfaithful” video was directed by Anthony Mandler in April 2006 in NYC and released in the same month.

    It shows Rihanna in a restaurant with her boyfriend. The man (her love interest) tells the waiter to give the note to Rihanna whilst her boyfriend is away from the table. She reads it quickly and then her boyfriend comes back. Then she starts singing by a piano. Then, we see moments of her and her boyfriend spending time together. While her boyfriend is sleeping, she sends a text to someone. Then, she hops into a car with her love interest. We see her singing by the piano again. Then, she sits by her love interest and they share a kiss. Then when she walks out of the stage, her boyfriend is waiting for her. The music video ends when she and her boyfriend hug each other and she sheds a tear. The music video takes it concept from the film Unfaithful starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.


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