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    If I Never See Your Face Again

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    The “If I Never See Your Face Again” music video, directed by Anthony Mandler, was shot on an indoor soundstage in Castaic, California on April 23, 2008. One of the sets had to be repainted between takes. An MTV News  reporter called the video “a fairly glam affair”, and Levine referred to it as “this kind of ultra-glamorous, photography-based, late-’70s/ early-’80s situation” and “really stylish and really beautiful”, saying that “Rihanna’s physical presence is undeniable”. The Guardian  wrote, “The concept appears to be high-end erotica […] If the [smartly furnished] sets resemble the kind of rooms nobody really lives in, then Rihanna sports a selection of outfits nobody really wears”. The video premiered on May 13 on Total Request Live. Rihanna said on The Today Show, when she went to perform for the Toyota Concert Series, and MTV’s TRL that this was one of her favorite videos to make and enjoyed it.

    The video features scenes in which Levine and Rihanna, according to The Guardian, “flirt professionally with each other” at a table (seated opposite each other), in a bedroom and on a couch. Another setting presents Maroon 5 performing the song before Rihanna, who approaches Levine to share the microphone with him. Levine and Rihanna occasionally make violent gestures—such as scratching and hair-pulling—toward each other during the video.


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