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    The “Hard” music video was filmed in early December 2009, directed by Melina, and first premiered on MTV on December 17. Prior to the video, Rihanna stated in an interview with MTV News:


    “It’s couture-military. Everything is surrounded by the whole idea of something military. We have tanks, we have troops, we’ve got helicopters, we’ve got explosions… Tight gear, lots of cute outfits, lots of bullets. Crazy.”

    The video features Rihanna, and briefly Jeezy, in a variety of desert and military scenes. Some images in the video portray Rihanna standing in the desert wearing war paint and shoulder pads with spikes coming out of them, which Kyle Anderson of MTV News says, “recalls the classic clip for 2Pac’s ‘California Love.'”

    The video begins with Rihanna addressing her troops while wearing a garrison cap, sunglasses, and a stylized white top. She next appears walking through the desert wearing a black outfit with spiked shoulder pads, while land mines explode around her. Then she is shown rolling in mud and covering herself in it. There is also a scene with her playing poker, and winning. She is also briefly shown on top of a pink tank with a mouse-eared helmet. During Jeezy’s verse, she is shown with a gun, which alternates with shots of him riding a tank. At the end of the video she waves a large flag with an “R” logo. Throughout the video Rihanna is seen indoors wearing an open green fatigue shirt with a nude body suit.



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