• It’s not just her music that Rihanna is receiving accolades for.
    The “Love on the Brain” singer headed to the hallowed halls of Harvard University on Tuesday, where she received the prestigious honor of 2017 Humanitarian of the Year by the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations.
    Dr. S. Allen Counter, director of the Harvard Foundation, introduced Rihanna, saying, “Rihanna has charitably built a state-of-the-art center for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados… It is for these philanthropic initiatives, and other acts of compassionate sharing, that the students and faculty of the Harvard Foundation chose to honor Rihanna with the 2017 Humanitarian of the Year Award.”

    “So I made it to Harvard!” the singer said as she took to the stage, where she spoke about the childhood that inspired her charitable work as an adult.
    “I’m incredibly humbled to be acknowledged at this magnitude for something, in truth, I never wanted credit for,” Rihanna told the crowd. “I remember watching TV (as a child) and I would see commercials with children suffering in other parts of the world, the ones where you could give 25 cents and save a child’s life. I said, ‘When I grow up and get rich I’m gonna help kids all over the world.’ I just didn’t know I would be in the position to do that by the time I was a teenager.”
    Looking chic in a gray, off-the-shoulder tweed dress and over-the-knee gray boots with her hair swept back, Rihanna challenged the crowd of students and fans to make a difference in their own lives.
    “We’re all human, and we all just want a chance,” Rihanna said. “A chance at life, a chance at an education, a chance at a future, really. And at CLF [the Clara Lionel Foundation], our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, but it starts with just one. Just one. As I stare out into his beautiful room, I see optimism, I see hope, I see the future. I know that each and every one of you has the opportunity to help someone else. All you need to do is help one person and expect nothing in return. To me, that is a humanitarian.”
    Rihanna started CLF in 2012 in honor of her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite. The organization funds education, health, and emergency response programs, and seeks to improve the life of young people around the world.

    And while she didn’t attend college herself, Rihanna hinted that there’s always the possibility she’ll pursue further education.
    “The truth the little girl watching those commercials didn’t know, was that you don’t have to be rich to be a humanitarian. You don’t have to be famous, or college-educated,” Rihanna laughed.  “I wish I was, especially today. I might come back!”
    Before the big event, Rihanna went on a tour of the university and had lunch at Henrietta’s Table in the Charles Hotel. And according to the University staff, the Barbadian singer blended in with the students quite well.
    “I can’t tell you what a gracious person she’s been to our students all day,” said Dr. S. Allen Counter, executive director the Harvard Foundation.
    Rihanna’s Full Speech at Harvard (Text)
    Via PEOPLE and Just Jared
    Rihanna rises 8-7 on the Hot 100 with "Love on the Brain." A week ago, the song became her 30th top 10, a milestone that only Madonna (the leader with 38 top 10s) and The Beatles (34) had previously achieved. Airplay leads the way for the track, which advances 5-3 on Radio Songs (108 million, up 7 percent).
    Dior is pleased to announce its charity partnership with The Clara Lionel Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by singer and songwriter Rihanna. The foundation is dedicated to supporting and funding groundbreaking and effective education, health, and emergency response programs around the world. 
    Recently named The 2017 Humanitarian of the Year by the Harvard Foundation, Rihanna's charitable impact and philanthropic pursuits benefitting women and children have encompassed a vast global scope. In support of Rihanna's efforts as a philanthropist, Dior will donate a percentage of proceeds from each sale of the "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirts to The Clara Lionel Foundation. 
    The runway t-shirts will be available in all of Dior's retail boutiques worldwide and Dior.com until May 15, 2017. Additionally, for a limited time only, the "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirts (including an exclusive version in black) will be available on Saks.com from March 14 till March 28.
    Just seven days removed from the release of his self-titled album, Future decides to drop off a second project and this time it features a brand new song with Rihanna! The track was produced by Mantra & Major Seven.

    [Intro: Rihanna]
    Oooh, yeah

    [Verse 1: Rihanna]
    It was right, even though it felt wrong
    Nothin' ever stopped you from showin' your progression

    [Bridge: Rihanna & Future]
    Broken lies
    Drivin' backwards
    Makin' all the wrong turns
    Sayin' all the wrong words
    Dodgin' angels

    [Pre-Chorus: Future & Rihanna]
    Oh, let's not be alone
    Let's not be alone
    Let's be one
    Oh, let's not be alone
    Empty thoughts fill the room
    Breathe for me and I'll breathe for you

    [Chorus: Future & Rihanna]
    Let's be selfish, selfish, baby
    Let's be selfish, selfish, baby
    Tonight, tonight
    Tonight, yeah, yeah

    [Verse 2: Future]
    I just hit the liquor side of France
    Currency exchange, lookin' fancy
    If that money dirty, make it dance
    25 karats cost a mansion
    Gold rose petals, bottle standin'
    Came from the concrete, takin' chances
    Pop gold Ace like a Xanny
    I just need the blessin' from your family
    Broken lies, ain't no love without us
    It will die, roses turn into dust
    Every night, we gettin' more popular
    Wrong is right, when it comes to us

    [Chorus: Future & Rihanna]
    Oh, let's not be alone
    Let's not be alone
    Tonight, let's be selfish
    Selfish, tonight, tonight
    Let's be selfish, selfish, baby
    Tonight, tonight
    Tonight, yeah, yeah

    [Outro: Rihanna & Future]
    I'll be selfish
    Let's be selfish
    Ohh, ohh
    Yeah, yeah
    Ooooh, oooo-oooo-oooh
    I'll be selfish
    Let's be selfish
    Let's be
    Let's be selfish
    Yeah, yeah
    Rihanna rumbles 13-8 on the Billboard Hot 100 (dated March 4) with "Love on the Brain," marking her milestone 30th top 10. Dating to the chart's Aug. 4, 1958, inception, only Madonna, with 38, and The Beatles, with 34, boast more.
    Rihanna breaks a tie for third place with Michael Jackson, who's tallied 29 top 10s, as a soloist.
    Notably, Rihanna sports the second-fastest accumulation of 30 Hot 100 top 10s (from an act's first-ever week in the region to the first week in the tier with its 30th). Having first hit the top 10 with "Pon De Replay" on the July 16, 2005-dated chart, she needed 10 years, seven months and two weeks to tally 30 top 10s. Only The Beatles hit the landmark more quickly, from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" to "Something," over a span of just five years, nine months and two weeks (Jan. 25, 1964-Nov. 8, 1969).
    While she's the leader for the most Hot 100 top 10s, Madonna took 12 years, eight months and two weeks from her first top 10, "Borderline," to her 30th, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (June 16, 1984-March 1, 1997; thus, with the latest Hot 100 dated March 4, 2017, we last celebrated an act reaching 30 top 10 hits 20 years ago to the week).
    Here's a recap of Rihanna's 30 Hot 100 top 10s (with 25 in a lead role).

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