• British fan Tris Castellano had the weekend every Rihanna Navy member wishes to have! Read his amazing story below: Follow Tris on Instagram & Twitter. [gallery columns="7" link="file" ids="21427,21428,21429,21430,21431,21432,21433,21434,21435,21436,21437,21438,21439,21440" orderby="rand"]
    Another lucky fan got the chance to meet Rihanna during her Diamonds World Tour. Read @aymdesigns story below: Follow Aymi on Instagram & Twitter. [gallery columns="8" link="file" ids="21390,21391,21392,21393,21394,21395,21396,21397,21398,21399,21400,21401,21402,21403,21404,21405" orderby="rand"] Click here to read more fan stories. Feel free to contact us and share yours: rihannadailycom@gmail.com
    RiRi met @DruChaos, a quite popular Rihanna Navy member, in St. Paul on Sunday. In case you don't remember, Dru won Viddy's contest to meet Rihanna at last year's VMAs, watch the video here. Check out what Dru told us and make sure to take a look at the photos below the story: Follow Dru on Twitter, Instagram, Viddy [gallery link="file" ids="20394,20395,20396,20397,20398,20399,20400,20401,20402" orderby="rand"]
    Tami Black, a lucky fan from Indiana, got the chance to meet RiRi last week after her show in Chicago. Tami was kind enough to share her story with us, so make sure to read it below, it's one of our favorites! Full story + super cute photos after the jump! Follow Tami on: Twitter, Instagram [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="20351,20352,20353,20354,20355,20356,20357,20358,20359,20362,20363,20364,20365" orderby="rand"] Instagram credit: @RIHplies