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HYPEBAE teamed up with PUMA by Rihanna Fenty and SIX:02 to offer a stylish take on attitude that a cat-eye can’t even provide.


Complete with a closet featuring the Fenty 2017 spring/summer collection, hair-braiding and nail art, our booth — which was the stuff of your sweet, pink dreams — became the set of our very own photoshoot.


Nine different creatives — Diana VerasKristin BrodskyABIRJessica FranklinWendy LamMartina McflyyAshley OutrageousRavie B and Dani Roche — from fashion to entertainment, put on Rih’s designs and showed us how to rock them their own way. Pieces like the floral silk bomber and sweatsuit pullover were clear favorites among everyone after the new Jelly Slides.


Source: hypebae.com


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This looks amazing, I need it now!!!!


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Can I just like, live there for the rest of my life while listening to Anti.

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