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Found 36 results

  1. Watch the vídeo clicking here.
  2. music

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  12. Hi all!I have one question! I'm DJ,i need a new samples that Rihanna use. I found some similar samples - https://www.lucidsamples.com/edm-samples-packs/176-edm-drops-vol-1.html?search_query=EDM&results=25, but it's not enough. Can you help me with samples.If you have samples pack,contact me.
  13. Have you ever heard a Rihanna song and some lyrics were just so mesmerizing for you? I'm sure at one point or another, we've fallen in love with some lines Riri sang whether it's because the chorus or the bridge are awesome, the way she sang them is fabulous, the words are deep, or even are relatable to you! Personally? I think almost the whole hook of Do Ya Thang is my favorite: See I know you like bein' 'round chicks And lookin at hips In a little outfits (hey) What can I say Thats what I love about you babe I don't ask cause I know you gon lie And ya way too sexy to ever be shy (hey) I just feel these lyrics describe my relationship with my boyfriend so well, as I like to tease him a lot, knowing no matter how a man is committed and loyal, they'd actually stare at other girls (or guys, lol.) The words are sung in a fun-loving manner and they accurately showcase every great relationship a girl and a guy can have with a little humor laced onto them.
  14. Hi everybody! I'm a professional DJ from Finland. After spinning Wild Thoughts 12 times last Saturday at one the biggest clubs in Helsinki I decided to collect my fav Riri jams to one mix and here we go. 36 tracks. 67 minutes. Not the usual biggest hits only. I also have shout outs from DJ Khaled and Cipha Sounds who broke Rihanna to mass public waayy back then. I hope you like it! & please let me know your feedback!
  15. Hi Navy! I'm Val and I'm one of the members of @CIDRIH. We decided to do this listening/streaming party for the new song "Wild Thoughts" and we want y'all to be a part of this! What do you think guys?🌺🌺
  16. Do you think our queen will release new music in 2017? Any news or thoughts? I heard that Nick Gramshaw announced that she is up to release new music soon. Feel free to write. X, M.
  17. Hi Navy, how are you doing? I hope well. Still can't believe Anti will be one year old this weekend... Anyway I don't wanna talk about Anti, I just wanna know what do you think about the last frequent travels that Rihanna is doing. I mean, if we only consider this last 3 weeks, Rihanna has been spotted in London, Ny and Paris. And few hours ago she has been spotted at NY airport again... What do you think she's gonna do? My first thought was she's recording #R9 secretly in cities like Paris or London fot not being spotted, even because she came back to NY just to join WomensMarch and to film Oceans 8... It could be possible since during her last short stay in Paris she hasn't been spotted? What do you think?
  18. On January 27, 2016 the world was shook. I remember I was going home from school on my bike. THAT DAY i forgot my headphones so i blasted WORK for the first time on my Phone speaker. I was SHOOK when i heard the futuristic vibe. As we all Know Work was big Worldwide success. So now it's time to do the aftermath. Stats of the first 8 weeks of the WORK video This means Work reached 260 Million views in 2 months Weekly #WORK streams on Spotify first 3 months Globally. Streams Growth Growth of growth Position Days at #1 WEEK 11-2 16.344.589 16.344.589 5 0 WEEK 18-2 42.147.705 25.803.116 9.458.527 1 7 WEEK 25-2 73.040.671 30.892.966 5.089.850 1 7 WEEK 3-3 106.703.539 33.662.868 2.769.902 1 7 WEEK 10-3 137.457.477 30.753.938 -2.908.930 1 7 WEEK 17-3 166.629.410 29.171.933 -1.582.005 1 7 WEEK 24-3 194.965.748 28.336.338 -835.595 1 7 WEEK 31-3 220.792.872 25.827.124 -2.509.214 1 7 WEEK 7-4 245.207.310 24.414.438 -1.412.686 1 7 WEEK 14-4 268.316.984 23.109.674 -1.304.764 1 7 WEEK 21-4 290.477.405 22.160.421 -949.253 4 1 WEEK 28-4 309.959.856 19.482.451 -2.677.970 4 0 Average 25.829.988 285.260 1 64 This smashing Lead single took only 3 months to surpass 300 Million streams and became her most streamed song ever
  19. music

    What are your thoughts about #R9? When will it be released? #ineednewmusicfromher