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  1. Serving looks and looking amazing!!!
  2. I'm impressed!! Gaining 36 million is amazing considering she hasn't released an album or went on tour! Wow, she is slaying!
  3. fashion

    This looks amazing, I need it now!!!!
  4. My wig is missing!!! This gonna smash for sure!!! And btw, guys:
  5. Awe!! That so sweet!! And btw, rihanna looks amazing!!!
  6. No problem!!!
  7. Late 2017-Early 2018 i think!!
  8. I can't wait!!! It's gonna be a smasha!!
  9. Hey everyone its me megan and i am 17 years old next week, I have been a part of the navy for 1o years and i haven't stopped being a stan since!! I love rihanna so much like words can't even explain!! Anyway, lets move on to the topic: 'Sex With Me' is an amazing track and one of the best from ANTI in my own opinion! The beat, the lyrics and everything about the song is so catchy!! It would be a perfect fit for Loud tbh!! I just love the song and wished it was a single, because it would've smashed!! Whats your opinion of the song?? Say in this thread!! <3333
  10. Love it so much!!! You are really good at yt videos!!!