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  1. Thanks Ola for posting the pics and prices.
  2. Thanks Rodrigo and Romy for the Valerian videos.
  3. She is in the Uk now working on her Fenty line. A navy member hit me up on ig with the info yesterday 6/26/2017.
  4. fashion

    Good luck Riri on your 3rd and final Manolo collection. The shoes are great.
  5. Dolly would be very proud of you.
  6. She is also writing songs for #r9 too. Can't wait to see the new video.
  7. Thanks for the update RD.
  8. Congrats Riri. Another dream come true for you. #Fenty Beauty by Rihanna
  9. Great for Dj Khaled that he got her vocals on his track. I hope the song kills.
  10. Riri is a bad ass who has a heart of gold and helps the world. Congrats on your honor.
  11. Riri is killing it in Cannes.
  12. Glad to see that all of Riri's dreams are coming true for her.
  13. Thanks Rd for the pics. She looks great.
  14. Congrats Riri on your Bet nomination for Best female pop/r&b artist. Hope you win. Good luck. U should of gotten more noms but oh well.