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  1. Love it! She's gorgeous!
  2. happy birthday!!!
  3. What about Celine and Mariah? Anyway, I will always say that she's the second best selling female artist of all time anyway obviously LOL
  4. rihanna navy

    Robyn followed me on Twitter on May 2014, when i was 12 LOL I can't believe that. (I'm 15 now) I think she followed me exactly because of my age, because a girl DMed her asking her to follow me, and that I was 12, and that I really loved her and that I was a real fan even tho I was 12 lol and she followed me because of that DM, I think. I accidentally blocked her on August 2014 (it was really an accident, it was on my email as I searched from the emails saying she had DMed and followed me.) but thank God, with the help of people from Twitter she followed me back hours after, because they DMed her! If it was today, she would never follow me again as I think she doesn't read her DMs anymore (at least MY dms she doesn't reply anymore LOL it's been so long, i think January ) and don't use Twitter anymore! I live in Porto Alegre, it's the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the south of Brazil, it's literally the last state of the south. Last year I was 14 and I traveled by plane ALONE (without anyone) just for Rock In Rio. I stayed on a friend's mom's boyfriend's house (lol, I was gonna go with her but her mom got sick and I had to go alone) It was so amazing, I stayed all day in the front of the hotel she was, the day before the concert, and I happened to see all her crew, Jay Brown, Jenn, some dancers, Mel Ottenberg, and I took a picture with Khadija (dancer) and HiHat!!! When I was there I DMed and tweeted Robyn so many times lol so she would notice us, if she went to the balcony, but I didn't happen to see her I also asked HiHat and the dancers so many times to ask Robyn to check her dms, and I screamed that she follows me and that she said that she loves me LOL! I wanted her to check her DMs also because I wanted her to invite me backstage LOL I thought it was easy meeting Rihanna if she follows you, but it isn't! I DMed her so many times on the entire trip and even before, but I never got even a response lol After the concert I was sad I didn't get to meet her and that I stayed very far from the stage bc my friend's mom's boyfriend drove me very late, but it was amazing anyway, and it was an amazing experience with me, being only 14 years old! Rodrigo, if you read this, the next concert she does here please help me to get to meet her and let me be on the front of the barriers with you please! Lol!
  5. She's sold: Worldwide Record Sales: 275 million**Figure includes streaming equivalents.Worldwide Pure Single Sales: 170 million** Worldwide Pure Album Sales: 34 million Worldwide Pure Record Sales: 204 million****Excludes featured songs.Total Pure Record Sales (incl. features): 260 million source: http://atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=337157 (I don't get how the total pure record sales including features is 260 million, only her featurings sold 60 million? lol) I also think she isn't actually the second best selling female of all time, i think this is the most correct list of the best selling females, look: Madonna (300+ million) Celine Dion (300 million) Mariah Carey (300 million) Whitney Houston (280 million) Rihanna (260 million)