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  1. Here is a possible look of 2nd drop of Puma collection for Nov 2 with confirmed pieces and my predictions: -15% code for first orders: PumaWelcome NOTE: the prices are from official retailers from different countries calculated from their currency to usd or are based on similar models from different collection, so the official puma price can be slightly different Confirmed: Longsleeve Loose Turtleneck Sweater ($125) Johnny Collar Cropped Sweater ($80?) Hooded Varsity Corset ($980) Velour Fitted Zip Up Track Jacket ($180) Velour Fitted Track Pant ($130?) Velour Oversized V Neck Pullover ($170) Velour Lacing Tight ($130) Side Split Track Pant ($???) Monday Cap ($70) Chelsea Sneaker Boot ($190/220) Winter Boot Nubuck ($325/590) Predictions based on official retails sales: Neck Velour Crop Top ($120) Crew Neck Sweater ($240) Varsity Letter Sweater ($200) Velour Hooded Pullover ($180) Longsleeve Back Lacing Hoodie ($130) Velour Hooded Track Jacket ($180) Velour Track Pant ($150) Varsity Pencil Skirt ($140) Hooded Varsity Corset ($980) whatever y’all call this. Hooded Corset? Probably expensive too I guess.. Side Pleated Mini Dress ($1020) Plaid Patched Hood Pullover ($1280) Plaid Patchwork Track Pant ($1080) Faux Fur Hooded Jacket ($500) Funnel Cropped Quilted Jacket ($1600?) Funnel Collar Quilted Jacket ($450?) + green plaid version Quilted Sleeping Bag Shawl ($???) Full Length Quilted Coat ($???) Faux Shearling Robe Coat ($3000) Mini Faux Sherling Backpack ($350) Giant Shopper ($350) Scout Backpack ($300) Cat Wedge Patent Boot ($360?) Puffer Cap ($90) Crest Cap ($80) College Choker ($30) Varsity Balaclava ($80) College Mask ($80?) Sherpa Hood ($120) Long Varsity Scarf ($70)
  2. The Galaxy Holiday Collection! Available on October 13th! Rihanna’s first ever holiday range is out-of-this-world makeup assortment decked out in glitter. The Galaxy Collection, as she named it, includes just about everything you’ll need to create a futuristic standout look this holiday season: from a complete eyeshadow palette to glittering lip glosses, glitzy lipsticks, dazzling eyeliners and even some extra-terrestrial makeup brush! HYPER-REFLECTIVE SPARKLE. PHENOMENAL 3D FLECKS. INFINITE NEW DIMENSIONS. Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Glitter eyeshadow palette of 14 stardusted shades that range from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues designed for accessorizing any eye look. PETITE END SMUDGES. PLUSH END BLENDS. CUSTOM-CUT FOR THE ULTIMATE GLITTER EFFECT. Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush A double-ended eyeshadow brush custom-cut for the stardusted shades in Fenty Beauty's Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, with a petite end for smudging and a plush end for blending. TRANSFORMING METALLIC-TO-GLITTER FORMULA. SURREAL PRECISION & GLIDE. 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner A liquid eyeliner with a transforming metallic-to-glitter formula that lets you choose your own finish. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SHIMMER. JEWEL CHROME INTENSITY. Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick A metallic lipstick that's buildable to the ultimate jewel chrome finish HYPER-GLITZ FINISH. OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD SHINE Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter A glitter-packed lip gloss that delivers the ultimate triple-threat of creamy color, glitter, and shine.
  3. #R9

    I need Miguel on it. That's it 😂
  4. Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation has just released their merchandise featuring pictures of her's volunteering in Malawi. All profits from the sale go to CLF. You can buy it HERE T-shirt (£24,85/29,95€,$) T-shirt (£24,85/29,95€,$) Long Sleeve T-shirt (£29,95/34,95€,$) Long Sleeve T-shirt (£29,95/34,95€,$) Crew Neck sweatshirt (£34,95/39,95€,$) Pullover Sweatshirt (£44,95/49.95€,$) Pullover Sweatshirt (£44,95/49,95€,$) Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt (£44,95/49.95€,$)
  5. I actually did 🙈
  6. Here are all pieces and prices for Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. More to be updated -15% code for first orders: Puma Welcome NOTE: the prices are from official retailers from different countries calculated from their currency to usd, so the official puma price can be slightly different:) / some prices with "?" ($000?) are based on similar models from different collection. FIRST DROP - SEPTEMBER 28TH SECOND DROP IS GOING TO BE RELEASED ON NOVEMBER 2ND! APPAREL: Printed Bra ($200) Neck Velour Crop Top ($120) Cropped Vintage Tee ($60/85€) Cropped Polo ($80/120€) Johnny Collar Cropped Sweater ($???) Sleeveless Crop Top ($70) Crew Neck Baby Tee ($75/) Cropped Turtle Zip Sweater ($180) Longsleeve Loose Turtleneck Sweater ($125) Off the Shoulder Collared Jersey ($140) V Neck Jersey Bodysuit ($140) Crew Neck Tee ($110) Longsleeve Graphic Crew Neck Shirt ($180?) Crew Neck Pullover with Taping ($160/180€) Velour Oversized V Neck Pullover ($170) V Neck Cableknit Sweater ($850) Crew Neck Sweater ($240) V Neck Cableknit Sweater ($???) Varsity Letter Sweater ($200) Asymmetric Jersey Dress ($160/180€) Varsity Tennis Dress ($170) Hooded Zip Front Leotard ($220) Longsleeve Full Zip Bodysuit ($???) Hooded Varsity Corset ($980) Oversized Ref Jersey ($150) Blocked Track Jacket ($220) Sweatshirt with Mini Dress ($???) Side Pleated Mini Dress ($1020) Jersey Dress ($180) Zip-Up Sweater Maxi Dress ($360) Deep V Sweater Knit Onepiece ($???) Hooded Cropped Sweatshirt ($140) Velour Fitted Zip Up Track Jacket ($180) Velour Hooded Pullover ($180) Women's Hooded Panel Sweatshirt ($150/180€) Men's Hooded Panel Sweatshirt ($150/180€) Longsleeve Back Lacing Hoodie ($130) "Detention Card" Graphic Hoodie ($130/160€) Split Back Hi Low Hoodie ($???) Velour Hooded Track Jacket ($180) Varsity Pencil Skirt ($140) Sleepwear Basketball Short ($190) Women's Fitted Panel Sweatpants ($140/160€) Men's Panel Sweatpants ($130/150€) Woven Front Tearaway Track Pant ($170) *PICS SOON* Side Split Track Pant ($???) Velour Track Pant ($150) Velour Fitted Track Pant ($???) Velour Lacing Tight ($130) Blocked + Taped Track Pant ($190) Blue Satin Track Pant ($220) Hidden Pleat Track Pants ($200) Hidden Pleat Pants ($250) Plaid Patchwork Track Pant ($1080) Quilted Sleeping Bag Shawl ($???) Quilted Bomber ($500) Funnel Cropped Quilted Jacket ($???) Funnel Collar Quilted Jacket ($1,600) Faux Fur Hooded Jacket ($500) Plaid Patched Hood Pullover ($1280) Blue Satin Hooded Jacket ($260) Oversized Satin Biker Jacket ($420) Full Length Quilted Coat ($???) Faux Shearling Fur Snap Coat ($???) Faux Shearling Robe Coat ($3000) FOOTWEAR: F.U. Leadcat Slides ($90) F.U. Fur Leadcat Slides ($90) *PICS SOON* Cleated Suede Creeper ($160) Pointy Creeper ($190) Ankle Strap Sneaker ($190) Chelsea Sneaker Boot ($190/220) Winter Boot Nubuck ($325/590) Cat Wedge Patent Boot ($360?) Knitted Mary Jane High Heel ($650) Over knee heel ($1200) ACCESSORIES: Puffer Cap ($90) Monday Cap ($70) Crest Cap ($80) Adjuster Cap ($90) Squad Durag ($50) Soccer Durag ($50) Laced Beanie ($50) Outdoor Beanie ($55) Peak Trapper Hat ($???) Sherpa Hood ($120) College Mask ($80?) Varsity Balaclava ($80) Powder Bag ($190) Vanity Case ($???) Sherpa Backpack ($200) Envelope Bag ($150) Giant Shopper ($350) Mascot Bear Backpack (Nylon -$150/Plaid-$250) Hike Backpack ($350) Scout Backpack ($300) Class Choker ($25?) Outdoor Choker ($30) Team Choker ($30) College Choker ($30) Long Varsity Scarf ($70) More soon 😇
  7. For third and final collection with the legendary shoe designer, aptly titled “So Stoned,” Rihanna created four styles: two mules, strappy sandals, and gladiator stilettos, all with Lucite heels and straps. The prices range from around $1265 to $2325 and will be available in Manolo Blahnik stores and online on July 6. "Poison Ivy" $2325 What do you guys think?
  8. I love it so much! I love Santana especially Maria Maria and Smooth, so I was happy to hear they're sampling the song 😭🙌🏼 Her voice 😭🙌🏼 And the video ahhh those looks
  9. HYPEBAE teamed up with PUMA by Rihanna Fenty and SIX:02 to offer a stylish take on attitude that a cat-eye can’t even provide. Complete with a closet featuring the Fenty 2017 spring/summer collection, hair-braiding and nail art, our booth — which was the stuff of your sweet, pink dreams — became the set of our very own photoshoot. Nine different creatives — Diana Veras, Kristin Brodsky, ABIR, Jessica Franklin, Wendy Lam, Martina Mcflyy, Ashley Outrageous, Ravie B and Dani Roche — from fashion to entertainment, put on Rih’s designs and showed us how to rock them their own way. Pieces like the floral silk bomber and sweatsuit pullover were clear favorites among everyone after the new Jelly Slides. Source: hypebae.com
  10. They are going to be released on May 11
  11. "Rihanna's visit to the Aquarium was a blast. You never know how exclusive tours like this are going to turn out, but this visit was amazing!" - Dr Patrick Garratt – Managing Director of the Two Oceans Aquarium There were about 20 people in her group, including her family, and the Nemo exhibit stopped them “dead in their tracks”. We were there for about 15 minutes and the flashes were going non-stop. Her family and their professional photographer must have got some wonderful shots. Throwing in a little info on sex change certainly piqued their interest before we moved on to the “jewels” of the Aquarium – those small exquisite displays that show off the beauty and complexity of the oceans. Rihanna was enthralled with the backlit shark egg cases with their babies writhing around inside. Evening is the most beautiful time of day to visit the Aquarium (join us during our extended hours – from 16 December 2013 until 12 January 2014 we are open from 09h00 until 20h00) and it took some time to get past the jellies, octopus, soles and Knysna seahorses. The octopus was a star performer, moving about on the inner surface of the glass and appearing to “communicate” with Rihanna. There is nothing like getting special attention from a wild animal! Turning the corner we came face to face with the giant spider crabs, and the group could not believe what they were seeing. Again, the cameras clicked and Rihanna started mimicking the crabs. She had realised by this time that an aquarium offers a photographic extravaganza. Again, I added a little to the experience by asking if they could see a face in the abdomen of one of the crabs standing against the glass. There were great exclamations when they realised that they could see the face of a Samurai warrior. I then shared an account of a great Japanese sea battle in which the young emperor, seeing that the battle was lost, threw himself into the water with his Samurai warriors. The legend has it that the emperor and his warriors turned into crabs and have been wandering the floor of the ocean ever since. Taking the ramp, we entered Frogs beyond the Pond and, being in the entertainment business, the group was enthralled by the frog puppet show. There was a mixture of hilarity at seeing the frog actors, and sober nodding as they heard the urgent messages of the actors. All the while Rihanna had been asking when we were going to see the penguins. We entered the Sappi River Meander and she gasped at its authenticity and the waves washing against the beach. And there were the African penguins – the animals that she had wanted to see above all else. Again the cameras clicked. After a while I asked if she would like to step on to the beach to join the penguins. Not believing her luck, we hopped across the water on to the beach and her photographer took some beautiful shots. By this time I realised that Rihanna was making the most of every moment and that there had been excitement and laughter all the way – it was a tour of a lifetime. Before we knew it, almost two hours had passed and it was time to go – so they thought! They had not reckoned on the majesty of the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest and the I&J Predatorexhibits. It was in front of the I&J Predator Exhibit that we stopped briefly for pictures of Rihanna and the “Professor”, as I had been dubbed by her mum. The group tried to get past the I&J Predator Exhibit quickly – but who has ever been able to do that? They left the Aquarium 20 minutes later with big smiles and effusive thanks. Staff members Kath Thorne, Amina Hoosain and I waved them goodbye, marvelling at what an incredible evening it had been!