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  1. Enjoy the pics. Love everything about this look!
  2. The fact "Maria Maria" was my fav song back in the time. I could listen to it on repeat. And now same with Wild Thoughts
  3. What would I do for the high Poison Ivy <3
  4. Manolo Blahnik on working with Rihanna - and why the shoe dictatorship must cease
  5. But if it wasn't Khaled's hyping 😜 I got to say I missed being so excited for a collaboration premiere 😂
  6. I'm dieing at the "aged like a milk" phrase 😂🤣 u made my day. I am so tired of this song. But yeah I am sure Wild thoughts will explode in a moment. It just needs tv promo 👀
  7. I was never good in Forbes lista but I think it's for 2016 when she was on tour
  8. Yay don't let me just talk to myself here and I am sure more Navy will join us. I got a lot of cool exclusive stuff to share but I wish more people would join and not just take all content to their social accounts 😇 We can make big things together
  9. I'm down! But what day? Before or after BB charts close?
  10. Rihanna was seen last night at a restaurant in Paris.
  11. 8.3 million video views in its first 24 hours!! #WildThoughts
  12. Wyclef Jean
  13. I figured it would be cool to post all together all celeb/musicians comments about "Wild Thoughts". Found one from singer RAYE Please post more if you see any
  14. Along with the "Wild Thoughts" music video premiere we've been seeing amazing fan arts emerging. How about we share them all here? If you will see any amazing Rihanna #WildThoughts fan arts (handmade drawings/sketches only) share them over here. Orginal artists only.
  15. We got to make it #1! Maybe I'm a little over excited but I'm getting Work vibes. Remember how we all worked on getting this song to the top? I feel we can do it again. RNavy seems so alive and vivid today because of the track. DJ Khaled hyped us well.