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  1. I can't handle how amazing this video is. Kendrick looking so fine, Rihanna looking so fine, the visuals. OMG, this is everything
  2. olá!

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      help me please!

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  3. Van't wait to see this movie <3
  4. Enjoy the pics. Love everything about this look!
  5. The fact "Maria Maria" was my fav song back in the time. I could listen to it on repeat. And now same with Wild Thoughts
  6. What would I do for the high Poison Ivy <3
  7. Manolo Blahnik on working with Rihanna - and why the shoe dictatorship must cease
  8. But if it wasn't Khaled's hyping 😜 I got to say I missed being so excited for a collaboration premiere 😂
  9. I'm dieing at the "aged like a milk" phrase 😂🤣 u made my day. I am so tired of this song. But yeah I am sure Wild thoughts will explode in a moment. It just needs tv promo 👀
  10. I was never good in Forbes lista but I think it's for 2016 when she was on tour
  11. Yay don't let me just talk to myself here and I am sure more Navy will join us. I got a lot of cool exclusive stuff to share but I wish more people would join and not just take all content to their social accounts 😇 We can make big things together
  12. I'm down! But what day? Before or after BB charts close?
  13. Rihanna was seen last night at a restaurant in Paris.
  14. 8.3 million video views in its first 24 hours!! #WildThoughts
  15. Wyclef Jean