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  2. back again exercise movements designed for forming grander Lats

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    2. GeorgeGlath


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  3. I love rihanna's new Vogue cover


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    2. GeorgeGlath


      Looking for my girl.

      Looking for my girl.

    3. GeorgeGlath


      Looking for my girl.

      Looking for my girl.

    4. GeorgeGlath


      Looking for my girl.

      Looking for my girl.

      Looking for my girl.

      Looking for my girl.

  7. everything we find out impending content articles in game data

    the fresh new emotes when Sombra or Orisa are usually take a play we had been offers emotes using Blizzard. Tracer advanced CharmDate emote is practical considering that your own woman just has 2 low conference emotes in addition to your partner meet but also chortle emotes, where each and every good guy features 3.

    Next, you might items which are party very specific. right absolutely no way to see so what on earth these types of end up being, still,but unfortunately here is a listing of just how many merchandise each and every one main character in all probability get:

    as to not main character given services, you will have four newbie components to be found promptly after CHARMdate the times of year 1 4 atomizers and additionally player symbols. These are usually the atomizers and so icons because of season 5. there's also a service nestled in particular as soon as the rebellion 2017 player popular. this is able to be fantastic symbol your new episode, or anything else entirely. Next, there are 2 goods shown using the event_6 grouping, which were new kinds of icons or fumigations for the presentation. then finally, The most interesting amazing most item shows up inside of the organization LOOTBOX_EXCLUSIVE_0 range, which will routinely merely holds the credit loads you'll on occasion get a hold of taken from loot cases. this really is hinting on to an additional collection related to unsecured debt pile above infamous, nevertheless,having said that I consider that CHARMDATE SCAM it much more likely in which is one particular entirely young technician.

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  8. George Stroumboulopoulos for dinner

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  9. Rihanna is one of the greatest performers ever ! She's also a very intelligent artist with a heart of gold.  Can't wait to meet her. ⚓⚓⚓


    1. richard


      oi linda te amo com todo respeito bjo!!

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  12. I hope Wild Thoughts debuts at the top 3 or top 5 of BB. My fingers are crossed.

  13. If Wild Thoughts isn't the song of the summer I will sue America to the supreme court of justice

  14. Wi wi wi wild thoughts. When I'm with you all I get is wild thoughts~

  15. Do unto others as you would have done unto you!

  16. Video from her concert I took!


  17. Happy Day that's my wedding day what I am Lookin' forward pretty soon.

  18. im trying my hand at making fanmade Albums. I've made two so far. One has a video on YouTube. You're thoughts would be much appreciated! I'm not a graphic designer at all, just a pet project :) 

  19. Hey guys!! Do ya'll remember me??? Haven't been on her for sooo long :/

  20. I haven't been on here in a while, follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @ rrfxagb 

  21. Imagine hating Rihanna and actually have to watch her win all the awards and sell all of these music in the world.

    1. Davidz999


      It could be so painful:D:D

  22. » rihanna is queen

  23. Me siento genial al formar parte de esta comunidad. Un beso para todos los Navys del mundo!! :D

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