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  7. fashion

    These are all lovely but damn I don't have enough kidneys to sell.
  8. Love me some Thiccanna.
  9. Enjoy the pics. Love everything about this look!
  10. The fact "Maria Maria" was my fav song back in the time. I could listen to it on repeat. And now same with Wild Thoughts
  11. What would I do for the high Poison Ivy <3
  12. fashion

    Good luck Riri on your 3rd and final Manolo collection. The shoes are great.
  13. Yas! Are you getting these, Ola?
  14. For third and final collection with the legendary shoe designer, aptly titled “So Stoned,” Rihanna created four styles: two mules, strappy sandals, and gladiator stilettos, all with Lucite heels and straps. The prices range from around $1265 to $2325 and will be available in Manolo Blahnik stores and online on July 6. "Poison Ivy" $2325 What do you guys think?
  15. DJ Khaled's latest single "Wild Thoughts" featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller is a rush of nostalgia. The beat for the track, which arrived on Friday and will appear on the well-connected producer's 10th studio effort Grateful, due this Friday, heavily relies on the 1999 Carlos Santana classic "Maria Maria," with contributions from The Product G&B and Wyclef Jean's The Refugee Camp. The sexy guitar riffs played by Santana mixed with The Product G&B's silky smooth earworm of a hook and Jean's repeat-worthy ad-libs have made it an eternal summer classic. Fortunately, DJ Khaled's reboot gets the co-sign from the musician behind the hip-shaking original. Groove along to the sounds of the guitar with both the original and Khaled's take below: Via Billboard
  16. I had to recreate this look!! I had to do it for RIRI!! I had to do it for the NAVY!

  18. It's refreshing to see how Rihanna is truly a fashion mogul not only by her own works, but also in the sheer inspiration she's oozing off to other big names in the industry. It's times like these that make us really think and see that Riri is truly a fashion icon!
  19. Yes please ^, we can't find anything to click on heh.
  20. Yasssss. I'm living for Rih getting more donations to her ball. So proud of my bby who's putting this much effort into getting famous celebrities into her ball for the sake of donations .
  21. OMG!!! so phucking stunning!!!
  22. Manolo Blahnik on working with Rihanna - and why the shoe dictatorship must cease
  23. Can you send a link?
  24. Dave Chappelle has been tapped to host Rihanna's third annual Diamond Ball on Sept. 14. The black-tie fundraising gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York will also feature a performance by Kendrick Lamar on a night dedicated to raising money for the Clara Lionel Foundation, an education, health and emergency response organization founded in 2012 by the singer (born Robyn Fenty), in honor of her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite. Past Diamond Balls have featured live sets from Rihanna and Lionel Richie, as well as hosts Brad Pitt and Kevin Hart. Proceeds from the fundraiser go to support the foundation's work on "innovative education projects and scholarships, healthcare programs and local micro grants." Via Billboard
  25. Hi everybody! I'm a professional DJ from Finland. After spinning Wild Thoughts 12 times last Saturday at one the biggest clubs in Helsinki I decided to collect my fav Riri jams to one mix and here we go. 36 tracks. 67 minutes. Not the usual biggest hits only. I also have shout outs from DJ Khaled and Cipha Sounds who broke Rihanna to mass public waayy back then. I hope you like it! & please let me know your feedback!
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  27. I cannot believe this. The best things combined: Rihanna and makeup. I am so excited! Please keep us updated! and the fact that what you're saying might be true in the near future, a swimsuit collection from her would also be a dream of mine.. aah wow
  28. Bumping this~
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