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  2. Vogue kiss, 17 jan, mm17, 71 Vogue invitation to kiss that would reveal wound of self-esteem. Ate it? High education of flirt that could melt steel… but not his selfish mentality. This chess battle is only chapter of real and undone reality: where he is pure diamond and she is untouchable virginity. This is just too much of undiscovered love quality! “The dog that serves to his bitch is like wolf that lost his teeth and dies from hostility!” “Grouse got to respect gross aspects of all new pack anxiety… or herd would eat her like a whole birthday cake that smells like a pity.” This rule is pure madness or we all live in fake society! Schoor has never felt gore that squeeze him into desire ability to feel something but ego. Melt it. Eat it… and digest it! If I could I would said veto “but my will is in constant flexibility. On day I lack dry low to dream at night wet high.” Myth! I’m more consistent than owl that only silently observe his territory! This kiss was infinite. Appreciate thou how my small village is holding the pass of Your city.
  3. This is wonderful News, Rih keep right on doing what you love doing, and don't let nothing stop You from giving your Art, and Crafts the best you have to give .
  4. I hope so... The problem is that she is doing several cinema projects (Bates Motel, Valerian,Oceans 8) and she seems that she's gonna take a break from music. This is not so bad, but I hope that this break won't be so long as the one that she took between Unapolgetic and Anti...It will be so painful for we #Navy
  5. I think the music video of LTOB will never arrive #R9 should be released. NOW.
  6. Kiss it Kiss it Better babyyyyyyyyy
  7. She should keep the LOTB music-video and give us #R9 ... NOW!
  8. I just need #R9 .. I don't need films, perfumes, shoes from her. I just want good ballads and m*therfuckin pop-bangers.
  9. I think ANTI isn't the best era from her. I loved songs like "Diamonds, Stay" etc. The only song on ANTI i loved from the beginning was "Close to you" ... The song never got attention... So sad.
  10. I hope she'll release #R9 later this year. Cant wait for new music from her. ♥
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  12. Riri good luck with Kiss by Rihanna. Hope it is a big hit for you.
  13. Rihanna announces the launch of Kiss by Rihanna, the third fragrance in the performer’s namesake RiRi collection (following RiRi and Crush). The new seductive and playful fragrance for women is out internationally now - just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mesmerizing, whimsical, and unexpected, the dynamic addition to the RiRi fragrance trilogy is flirtatious, feminine and lighthearted. The white floral fragrance is comprised of lush, tantalizing top notes of Neroli, with a playful kiss of Juicy Plum and Freesia. The heart of the fragrance, consisting of Orange Blossom, Gardenia, and Asian Peony, is rounded out with Cashmere Wood, Cedarwood and Ambergris to form a warm and seductive base. Kiss is Rihanna's 9th fragrance. Purchase them all here. THE PACKAGING Designed by Rihanna herself, the Kiss by Rihanna bottle reflects the signature feminine lines and styling of the two preceding fragrances in the RiRi collection; RiRi by Rihanna, and Crush by Rihanna. Exuding sophistication and allure, the striking powder blue tinted flacon is accentuated by a contrasting golden cap featuring the collection’s signature sphere. Reflecting the refined simplicity of the bottle design, the outer packaging features a pearlized blue finish emitting an iridescent luster and understated elegance. THE COLLECTION Kiss by Rihanna is be available at Macy's, and other fine retailers for $60 (3.4oz EDP Spray), $36 (1.0oz EDP Spray) and $20 (0.2oz EDP Rollerball).
  14. This album was a really really good one! Similar to Unapologetic by their ecliptic sound changing through out the whole album, ANTI did better by fitting each song onto another. They all blend in so perfectly. You just put that CD on and listen to it till the end no problem.
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  16. Congrats Riri on your 3 Brit noms.
  17. #R9

    We still have a couple days... maybe this theory will, who knows?
  18. #R9

    Where have you red this?
  19. I agree with Unfaithful, the album is good, but it isn't the best. The same for the Era. This era has been good but not excellent, the main prove is the fact that she hasn't released the LOTB video yet. The reason isn't that she is too much busy but I think she is satisfied for the results that Anti has reached... this is the only possible reason even because when Rihanna used to release a new album every single year she has never maked us waiting a long for a video (except for What Now). I'm bit worried for #R9, she said that we won't wait so much time again for a new album, but if we look at what rihanna's gonna do this year (Bates Motel, Oceans 8, Valerian...) I think we have to wait for new Rihanna's music and.. musical videos
  20. Rihanna scored three nominations for this year's Brit Awards, which honors music released both in the United Kingdom and worldwide! Voting for select Brit Awards is now open at the ceremony's site. The 2017 Brit Awards, hosted by Michael Buble, will take place at London's the O2 on February 22nd. Rihanna previously won the International Female Solo Artist award twice, in 2011 and 2012. Watch her speeches:
  21. EVEN HER NON FANS GET GOOSE BUMPS ABOUT THIS SONG . What you came for is second
  22. hairess heiress Airess
  23. don't be afraid of the star power. Rihanna will be in the movie
  24. Regina criminal pre warn people related to internet dating scammers monthly subscriptionsGo about the focus to manage an individual's :a good guide"we are considering increasingly more of these romantic movie scams, employee Sgt. baby trend Koroluk notified CBC broadcast saturday. "folk go onto a free dating online url and as well as adhere to all those scammers,police did said inside subjects were tricked or maybe a how associated with were covered,We don't get some report through persons Charmingdate their business, so santa excessive, observing incidents are commonly taken forth all by loan creditors or spouse and children in which find out out of the ordinary gives of large measures of money,then we put your hands on these suppliers and attempt to persuade these kind of people that immature scam and we've seen this situation regarding charmingDate times, Koroluk menti one d.few persons don't are advanced because they don't want many to know what went down,is certainly embarrassed, Koroluk expressed, including sufferers world health organization fail to send they've already been scammed.the mediocre ones accommodate a understanding which will be to tell the truth,quite possibly they understand contact will arrive by to deal with, he said. "most people regardless believe that. they might assemble folks and have a relationship,Koroluk put truth fraudsters are really savy as can exploit many people,they don't ask for the money perfect up until these kind of some time as they already have the individuals full rely on, believe that plus many a time fondness, he said. "by then, The target might have discussed her or his passionate approaches and they feel very conclusion with the user and they want it to be real,the police business is offering direction to that check out romance online services:avoid thinking about that write to them with you from associated with kms away especially if it's away from north america.if a person you have never greeted one on one asks for cash without any reason, Disassociate making use of them case a romanntic relationship definitely seems to be coming too fast, decline. always use the protection email programme through the social blog and never discuss your favorite info with these people until you learn them and tend to be more confident you you will need to meet personally. people tend to be impatient and work to advance conveniently in every thing has become. age. to get your hard earned money as quickly as possible. They cannot meet with you because they're many mile after mile out there.rarely ever allow becoming of flattery, solitude or even sympathy which investigate make moves you can't seem well approximately engaging.
  25. I started watching it so I would have catch-up her episodes in time, but the story is really good too I really enjoyed it 😎
  26. Congrats Riri. #ThatRihannaReignJustWon'tLetUp
  27. Yes the dreads are for Oceans 8 they took a break for the holidays now back to work for all the actors including Ms Fenty.
  28. music

    Well we might get something new this year, but we don't have any progress report about her 9th album yet, so I don't think it is soon; probably at the end of the year or by the summer perhaps.
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