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Rihanna and Drake go for late-night basketball game in Manchester
Posted on Mar 3th, 2014 by
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After watching Drake’s second concert in Manchester on Wednesday (March 12), RiRi and Drake headed  to a sports centre for a basketball game. Click here for photos. According to Manchester Evening News:

The pair booked out the entire alley for their crew following an after-party at Entourage in The Printworks. It appears Drake managed to bowl Rihanna over at the venue – beating her in a game of tenpin bowling in the private room, themed around Elvis Presley, at the venue. Our mole said: “It was Dom Perignon and shots of tequila all the way as the group were in a real party mood so there wasn’t that much bowling going on. Drake and Rihanna did manage to play half a game, but Rihanna didn’t do too well – she scored 16 while Drake got 52.” The group arrived at 1.45am and left at 4.30am.

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    Rihanna supports Drake in Manchester (Updated)
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    RiRi showed up at Drake’s show in Manchester on Tuesday (March 11). She was later photographed bowling and heading back to the hotel. Click here for paparazzi photos and here to see a couple fan photos of Rihanna at the show.

    Drake once again covered Rihanna’s “Stay” at the concert, watch here a low quality Instagram video.

    UPDATE: Watch a video of Drake & Rihanna below:

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    Rihanna goes partying with Drake
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    Rihanna and Drake were seen partying at Cirque le Soir nightclub in London on Monday (March 10). Click here to see photos of RiRi arriving and leaving the club and here to see a picture from inside with the rapper.

    Speaking of Drake, he covered Rihanna’s “Stay” in Belgium. Watch here.

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    Rihanna spotted in London [Updates]
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    Last night Rihanna was snapped leaving London restaurant Nobu before making her way to a London recording studio. Check more pictures here.

    In case you missed all the glamorous outfits Rihanna was wearing during recent Paris Fashion Week, make sure to check our gallery.

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