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Rihanna out with her brother in LA

Rihanna and her brother Rorrey were photographed leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 30). Click here for photos.

Rihanna celebrates Majesty’s 1st birthday (Updated)

Rihanna and her family are in Los Angeles to celebrate baby Majesty’s 1st bday in a Flintstones-themed birthday party. FYI, #AuntyOhNaNa is dressed as Pebbles Flintstone. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more!

UPDATE: Over 15 photos & videos now available after the jump!

Rihanna go-karting in LA

To celebrate her brother’s birthday, Rihanna, Rajad and her cousins went go-karting on Wednesday (April 15) in Los Angeles. Check out a few pictures after the jump and follow “Rihanna” on Snapchat for more. She wrote:

Happy birthday to my prince!!! @rjfenty96 love you baby bro!!!! You growing the PHUCK up on me, I don’t like that shit!!!

Rihanna celebrates her grandfather’s bday in NYC

RiRi and her family celebrated her grandfather’s birthday at Philippe Chow Restaurant in New York City on Monday (November 3). On her way out, she was photographed holding her niece and hugging Bravo. Sweet! Click here for photos and watch a video here.

Uma foto publicada por Rihanna Daily (@rihannadaily) em

Rihanna spends the day with her niece in NYC

Rihanna spent this Wednesday (August 20) with her cousin’s baby in New York City. She shared a few pictures on Twitter and wrote:

Took Her Maje$ty to get her ears pierced today
Her Maje$ty at Cozy Cuts #AuntyOhNaNa
#HerMajesty #AuntyOhNaNa
Teaching Her Majesty selfie faces

So cute! Check out all pictures and a video after the jump.

Earlier, Rihanna was seen out and about in the city. Click here for photos.

Rihanna spends the day with Majesty

This Thursday (June 19), RiRi shared more photos with her cousins’s baby, Majesty. Take a look at them after the jump. And if you wish to see all other pictures she has tweeted, check this page.

Rihanna is also enjoying her free time by watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup games and tweeting about them. Which team are you rooting for?

Rihanna shares photos with her cousin’s baby

RiRi tweeted a few photos of her with Noella‘s baby girl yesterday (June 8). She wrote:

My everything.
How we spent our last couple nights :’)
$he like it hurr
“My auntie rule$”
I can’t get enough, I’m so in love

How sweet! She also posted a picture from her manager’s son gradutation. Take a look at all photos after the jump.

Rihanna at her cousin’s baby shower (Updated)

Rihanna organized a baby shower for her cousin Noella this Sunday (May 25) in Los Angeles. They were joined by other family members and friends, including Ri’s mom and brothers. Check out over 20 pictures after the jump.

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