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RihannaDaily is back – check out what’s new!

Hello everyone! We’re back!

As you see our design has slightly changed. We’ve decided to give the site a little summer twist. Nothing fancy as this is only a temporary layout – with limited content. We want to revamp our complete content without keeping the site down for weeks. While we’re waiting for R8 we’re giving you a brand new version of our site that will keep you busy for sure! Make sure to check out what’s new that we offer!


As we’re all waiting for the new album we thought there’s no better place for fans to keep track of everything that’s new than a forum. This time the fan community is completely connected with our website. If you post a comment you are automatically participating in the forum. You just need one time sign up to be able to post everywhere! And be sure to sign up because there’s a lot of special content coming just for the forum users! You don’t want to miss anything!

Read here how to register on the forum and start commenting on RD now!


Yes! Now you can check our updates straight from your mobile phone! Right now Android users can already download our app from Google Store – you just need to search for “Rihanna Daily”. IOS app is coming in the next few days. This way you can check all our latest news and facebook updates. You can also receive push notifications!

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Happy Birthday, Nat!!!

It’s Natalie’s bday, Navy! Rihanna Daily would never be the same without her!

Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true, my friend!

Much love from your Brazilian buddy. ;-)

Welcome Back [New Layout]


Welcome back to Rihanna Daily! Our website has been just revamped! We hope you enjoy the brand new design! You will also find a lot of brand new sections – including a new press archieve! Take a look what’s new and enjoy your stay!

New content:

and many more…

NOTE: The mobile version is temporary disabled. We’re still working on some tweaks. It’s going to be back soon! If you got any suggestions how it should look like – please contact us!

Rihanna Forums is back

After giving it a little more thought we’ve decided to bring back our forum…as it used to be back in the day. We feel Rihanna deserves a big fan community even if most of her fans are busy at social platforms. We want to give you the best Rihanna updates at every angle and sometimes our site (and social media) are too limited for that. So if you want to be up-to-date with everything about Rihanna – sign up and join the discussion!!


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Rihanna Daily is back on Facebook

And we’re back on Facebook! Our profile has been disabled by mistake but luckily thanks to UMG & Facebook team it’s now back unharmed. Make sure to LIKE us in case you still haven’t!

Rihanna Daily on Facebook

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26.09 Rock In Rio, Brazil
29.09 Show in Santiago, Chile
10.12 2nd Annual Diamond Ball
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