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Rihanna spends the day with family and friends in LA
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Rihanna keeps quiet in Los Angeles. On Thursday (April 24), her best friend shared a couple pictures of RiRi enjoying some sun. They later had dinner at Giorgio Baldi Restaurant and her brother published a photo from an airplane. The previous day, Rorrey also shared a photo and wrote:

Lol Rihanna cooked the best 3am after drinks pasta!

A couple days ago, photographer Peter Baratti posted a few photos of his lunch with Rihanna on Facebook. Although he said they were discussing a shoot for her new album, Ri denied it.

Check out all pictures after the jump.

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Rihanna has family dinner in Los Angeles
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After shopping for baby clothes for her cousin Noella, RiRi changed clothes and headed to Giorgio Baldi Restaurant to have dinner with her family on Tuesday (April 22). Click here for photos.

Rihanna at a baby store in Los Angeles
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RiRi was photographed at a baby boutique in Los Angeles this Tuesday (April 22). @petittresor shared the photo above and wrote:

Thanks for coming by to shop with us, Rihanna! It was fun helping you select luxurious baby gifts for your friend!

Click here to see pictures of Rihanna leaving the store.

Rihanna goes partying in Los Angeles
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RiRi was seen with her best friend at a day party at Lure Nightclub in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 19). Check out a few fan pictures after the jump and watch a video by TMZ below:

You know you’re a super hot chick when you can call a guy “fat ass” … and minutes later, have him eating out of the palm of your hand — something Rihanna has perfected to a T.
RiRi was bailing from Toxic at Lure Saturday night when she grilled our camera guy — pun intended — about his love for greasy food.
The best part … just minutes later she apologizes and our photog is once again smitten.
You gotta watch, the video is hilarious.

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Rihanna spotted at her favorite restaurant
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Rihanna was once again photographed leaving dinner at Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Los Angeles. Click here for photos.

In other news, watch below a video of RiRi walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday:

Rihanna spotted in LA
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RiRi was photographed leaving her favorite restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 16). Click here for photos.