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Rihanna, Jim Parsons & Steve Martin play OPRAH game!
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Hilarious! That’s all we’ve got to say. Watch below:

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    Rihanna talks Home, iHeartRadio, Dior, Kanye and more
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    Watch below new interviews of Rihanna talking about her much fun she had doing “Home”. She also revealed that she plans to perform a brand new song at the iHeartRadio Awards; we’ll have to wait and see if the rumours about her touring with Kanye West are true; her 27th birthday party. And that’s not all:

    Watch anover interview with ET here.

  • Rihanna talks her upcoming Dior campaign
    Rihanna talks her upcoming Dior campaign
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    On March 13, Rihanna made history when she became the first black woman to be the face of Dior. It’s a match made in heaven (obviously), so when MTV News had a chance to catch up with Rih during a recent press day for the movie “Home,” they just had to ask her what it feels like to check such a momentous accomplishment off of life’s giant to-do list.

    “It feels fantastic,” she explained. “It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful — to feel elegant and timeless.”

    “Elegant” and “timeless” are definitely words that come to mind when one thinks of Rihanna — so be on the lookout for her brand new campaign, which will be shot by Steven Klein at Versailles. She’ll also star in the fourth installment of Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series, because sometimes dreams really do come true.

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    Rihanna: ‘Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time’
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    It takes a lot to shock Rihanna, but when photos surfaced recently of a young superfan who had turned herself into a walking shrine by covering her body in the image of her idol’s face, even the R&B princess thought the gesture was a little extreme.

    “You know what? I met her a while ago and she asked me to sign her arm. I signed it and then the next day I saw her again and she’d had it tatted. That was years ago and I hadn’t seen her much since then. But fast forward to now, that’s the update,” Rihanna laughs, shrugging her shoulders. “So, I guess she just never stopped.”

    The 27-year-old pop icon has over 22 tattoos and seems bemused by her fan’s behaviour, which could be considered a little creepy.

    “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t do it. But it’s not me.”

    Always in the news, Rihanna made history last week as the new face of Dior, with the Barbadian beauty the luxe brand’s first black spokeswoman.

    “I feel very special, not just as a woman of colour, which I think is brilliant, but as a woman to be acknowledged by Dior is very special.”

    It seems of late, Rihanna has also been acknowledged by a certain Leonardo DiCaprio, however, she negates rumours that the two A-listers are romantically involved.

    “Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time,” she warns.

    Check out more pictures from her recent “Home” movie photocall in NYC here.
    Read more after the cut.

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    Videos: Rihanna talks Home
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    Rihanna spent the past couple days in New York City recording several interviews to promote “Home”. Watch two below. We can’t wait to watch the movie!

    RIHminder: pre-order the soundtrack now on iTunes.

  • Rihanna and Jim Parsons answer questions on Snapchat
    Rihanna and Jim Parsons answer questions on Snapchat
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    Rihanna and Jim Parsons showed up on DreamWorks’ Snapchat today to answer fans questions. Funny! Watch below:

    RIHminder: pre-order the DreamWorks Animation “Home” soundtrack now on iTunes.

  • Rihanna talks to WWD about Puma; mentions new album
    Rihanna talks to WWD about Puma; mentions new album
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    Rihanna flew in to Puma’s headquarters on Monday night for her first creative session with the design team, picking out colors and fabrics, discussing styles and the line’s overall direction. As part of a multiyear partnership with the activewear firm, Rihanna will tackle Puma’s fitness and training line, which includes apparel as well as shoes, “design and customize classic Puma styles and create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,” the company said.

    “I’m very excited about this. Whether it’s apparel or shoes or accessories, I want to modernize it by highlighting the classics and going from things that make Puma Puma — give it a youthfulness, make it hip, basically [make it] Rihanna,” the singer told WWD, while taking a short break from countless meets and greets with the German activewear brand’s managing board and the hundreds of employees who gathered to snap a few pics of the affable performer. Calling her new assignment “a little bit surreal,” the singer vowed “to come up with cool things that don’t even belong in Puma.” “It could even be down to suspenders,” she laughed. “We can experiment and take risks, that’s what I’m most excited about — the creative freedom.”

    WWD: What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear Puma?
    Rihanna: My childhood. Some of the first sneakers I owned were Puma, and I wore them to death, until they had holes in them. They were sleek running shoes, I had them in pink with the black Puma stripes on the side. They also made them in Jamaican colors and so in the Caribbean it was like: What? Jamaican colors? That was the it-shoe in Barbados — if you didn’t have those, [that was it]. You know how kids are.

    WWD: How many pairs of sneakers do you own, and do they outnumber your stilettos?
    Rihanna: I have too many [sneakers] if that’s even possible; they are mostly in storage now. [Rihanna catalogues all her performance looks in a 4,000-square-foot storage unit, of which roughly 1,000 square feet is dedicated to shoes.] They are probably on par with my stilettos. I love a heel but recently I’m tending more to sneakers. Being in the studio, traveling, touring — you cannot do that in heels, unless you are Posh Spice [she laughs]. She is in the airport with four kids and she gets it done. She is so legit’.

    WWD: How does music, your core activity, relate to fashion?
    Rihanna: Music and fashion go hand in hand. I think music inspires all types of arts; it inspires life, emotion, mood, and all of those things are reflected in my fashion and my style. One doesn’t go without the other.

    WWD: How serious are you about your designing career? Are you ready to take it deeper?
    Rihanna: I love designing. I’ve always enjoyed it. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs, the combination, the marriage — it’s like having a baby, you put two things together and all of the sudden it bursts into a new thing. It’s life. At River Island I was able to see stuff come to life, draw up an idea from scratch, and that made me want to take on a bigger challenge. And MAC was an amazing experience — from creating packaging to going through textures. I would love to do cosmetics, because I love beauty: choosing colors, creating shapes. It’s like painting, you just get to play. The same way I treated MAC, I will attack Puma.

    WWD: What’s next for Rihanna in 2015?
    Rihanna: Releasing an album. I don’t know when exactly, but you will know when I know it.


  • Rihanna, Jim Parsons and Steve Martin talk ‘Home’
    Rihanna, Jim Parsons and Steve Martin talk ‘Home’
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    Rihanna along with “Home” cast members Jim Parsons and Steve Martin took part in a movie Q&A yesterday. Check out some of the highlights of the interview:

    Steve Martin and Jim Parsons may be big fancy stars, but Rihanna was the main attraction at footage screening and press Q&A for Dreamworks Animations’ “Home.”

    Dressed in a short red dress and white sneakers (and approached by several journalists/fans as she made her way out of the theater), the pop star voices the role of middle-schooler “Tip” in the forthcoming animated adventure, which centers on the relationship between Tip and a diminutive purple-hued “Boov” alien named “Oh” (Parsons) after Earth is invaded by the the Boov race and its villainous leader Captain Smek (Martin).

    But anyway, Rihanna! She looked fantastic and seemed very nice. Below are nine other things we learned at yesterday’s press event.

    1. Stars, they cry at Hollywood production meetings just like us!

    “There’s one specific point in the movie that really wrecked me,” said Rihanna. “And I feel like it’s gonna kill everybody because when I was watching it for the first time, it was just stick figures. It didn’t even get to the point of animation all the way yet, so I was bawling my eyes out in this meeting and I’m like ‘Oh my god! I’m so embarrassed right now!’ I’m crying at literally these stick figures….at the end, I can’t even tell you, cause I’m [not going] to tell you the movie right now, but…it’s really emotional for me.”