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Quick News: Rihanna parties in NYC, W Korea Outtakes, Florence Welch talks about Rihanna’s new music, Grammy performance on VEVO
Quick News: Rihanna parties in NYC, W Korea Outtakes, Florence Welch talks about Rihanna’s new music, Grammy performance on VEVO
Posted on Feb 2th, 2015 by
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  • Rihanna was spotted last night leaving her hotel in NYC and heading to Up and Down nightclub with her friends. Check out more pictures here.
  • See more outtakes from the upcoming W Korea magazine released via Rihanna’s Instagram! If anyone could scan this magazine for us please e-mail!

  • In a recent interview Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine confirmed that part from her song is going to be used on Rihanna’s new album.

I was so thrilled cause I’m actually a huge fan. I actually bumped into her the other day. She was looking amazing… she looked so beautiful and we had like… cause she sent me this song and I said of course but we never actually manage to speak, of course we met before but we never managed to actually speak in person about it […] it’s a sample […] and it’s one of my favourite songs from Ceremonials. I love when stuff like that happens, when people reimagine your music and I love it when it has different form…

Watch from 08:30

  • You can now watch Rihanna’s FourFiveSeconds performance from 2015 Grammy Awards on VEVO!

  • Quick News: PUMA, Sam Smith
    Quick News: PUMA, Sam Smith
    Posted on Jan 1th, 2015 by
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    • During their trip to St Barts, Rihanna’s best friend Melissa posted a photo of Ri wearing an underwear which is believed to be part of her PUMA collection, expected to be kicking off this month. Rihanna is now PUMA’s global ambassador for Women’s Training and serves as the PUMA Women’s Creative Director, bringing her styling sensibilities and innovation to PUMA’s collections. Read all about it here.
    • Sam Smith recently mentioned Rihanna while talking to Entertainment Weekly:

    “I’m personally really excited for Rihanna’s album. I know some stuff about that record that no one knows.”


    Instagram Photo

  • Ne-Yo talks about Rihanna’s new album
    Ne-Yo talks about Rihanna’s new album
    Posted on Nov 11th, 2014 by
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    Dropping in on the UK’s Capital XTRA over the weekend after a London performance, Ne-Yo shared some exciting info about Rihanna’s upcoming eighth album, her first release since 2012’s “Unapologetic”.

    Ne-Yo acknowledged that Rihanna’s new one might be judged against Beyoncé’s stellar output in the last year. “I don’t feel like they’re in competition with each other, but the world kinda creates competition between the two of them,” Ne-Yo said. “So Beyoncé came out, dropped a massive album that did incredible, so now everybody’s like, ‘Okay, what’s Rihanna gonna do now?'” And then the money quote:

    “The stuff I’ve heard is absolutely incredible. I can’t speak on what it sounds like because I’ll get in trouble. But I definitely feel like people are gonna enjoy it. Anybody that’s a Rihanna fan is gonna stay a Rihanna fan, and anybody that’s not might become a Rihanna fan … just gear up for it.”

    Watch Rihanna and Ne-Yo performing “Umbrella” and “Hate That I Love You” at the 2007 American Music Awards:

  • Quick News: Tom Ford, Esquire
    Quick News: Tom Ford, Esquire
    Posted on Nov 11th, 2014 by
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    • Tom Ford published a statement explaining the thinking behind his spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection and revealed that Rihanna’s see-through CFDA Awards dress was a better choice than one of his own designs:

    The reference to “pasties” was deliberate and while this reference can be related back directly to Mollino, it was also meant to be a reference to a contemporary fashion that seems to be gaining a bit of ground with very young women who have the bodies to pull it off and that is actual pasties as in the case of Miley Cyrus or even a dress that leaves nothing at all to the imagination as worn by Rihanna to the CFDA awards in New York this past summer. I was at the CFDA awards as I was receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” [which I prefer to think of as a “Mid Life Achievement Award”], and I have to say that Rihanna was for me, that night, one of the most beautiful women that I have ever beheld. I had designed several things for her specifically for that evening which she did not wear, but when I saw her it did not matter. I whispered into her ear that she was right not to have worn one of my dresses that night because she looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her look. She was stunning. As Richard said plainly after the evening, “If you are as beautiful as Rihanna, you almost owe it to the world to appear in public almost nude” and I have to say that I wholeheartedly concur.

    • To celebrate appearing on the cover of Esquire UK’s special December food and drink issue – and her somewhat gobsmacking shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth – Rihanna also decided shared some of her family recipes with the magazine. So, to learn how to make mac n cheese, shepherd’s pie or a rum punch RiRi-style, read on.
    • We’ve added a couple new photos from Esquire UK to our gallery. Check them out here.
  • Eminem Opens Up About Rihanna And ‘The Monster Tour’
    Eminem Opens Up About Rihanna And ‘The Monster Tour’
    Posted on Sep 9rd, 2014 by
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    In an interview on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 station, Eminem opened up about his experiences on The Monster Tour with Rihanna, which concluded in his hometown of Detroit on Aug. 23. While backstage at MetLife stadium in New Jersey before his show there in mid-August, Eminem talked to host Reef the Streets about working with Rihanna, how the tour came together, and how it compares to his previous tours.

    “As far as me and Rih working together, I think it’s great,” Eminem said of working with Rihanna. “I think that it’s interesting how our music does intertwine and certain themes and things seem to work together really well. The crowds have been incredible, the people have been amazing, it’s been fun.”

    The “Rap God” goes on to clarify how truly fun the tour has been by comparing it to negative tour experiences he’s had in the past. “I can honestly say that because I used to not have fun,” he says, “There was one point in time where [doing shows] was all bad.”

  • Chris Martin talks being in the studio with Rihanna
    Chris Martin talks being in the studio with Rihanna
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    After collaboration with Rihanna on “Princess of China” from 2011′s Mylo Xyloto, Chris Martin recently told New York’s Fresh 102.7 FM that he’s trying his hand at writing a song for her:

    “I wasn’t necessarily with [Rihanna in the studio], I was working for her. I don’t think she even asked, I just said, ‘please can I try something?’ Sometimes as a break from Coldplay stuff I love to go and work on other music. It kind of gives you fresh angles and new ideas.” So, did it work? Will we hear this song on her next album? “I don’t know,” Martin said. “She has so many amazing people writing for her. It’s like trying to win ‘American Idol,’ getting a song on Rihanna’s album. It’s hard. Everybody wants to write songs for her.”

  • Chris Martin: “Rihanna is mysterious and fascinating”
    Chris Martin: “Rihanna is mysterious and fascinating”
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    British rocker Chris Martin, of Coldplay fame, has spoken out in praise of Rihanna and revealed that he admires the air of mystery she retains. Speaking to Absolute radio about RiRi, who collaborated with him on “Princess of China“, he confessed that she is an inspiring artist to work with who really knows what she’s doing in the recording studio:

    “She’s a very fascinating, interesting person. She’s very mysterious. When Rihanna’s making an album she’s talented enough that lots of cool people want to work on it. So it’s not like I’m the only one. When we were working together it was inspiring because you’re around a lot of other people. It’s sort of like some kind of holiday camp for producers and musicians.”

    Rihanna and Chris were recently seen having dinner and leaving a recording studio in Los Angeles.

    Watch Rihanna and Coldplay performing “Princess Of China” after the jump.

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    Quick News: Drake, Dem Haters
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    • Drake was asked about Rihanna in his latest Rolling Stone interview:

    “She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.’ We have fun together, she’s cool and sh*t. But we’re just friends. That’s my dog for life.”

    • Check out a new version of Rihanna’s 2006 song “Dem Haters” featuring Ne-Yo.