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Rihanna looking hot in Barbados (Updated)

How can she manage to look even hotter?

On Sunday (August 9), Rihanna and her best friend Melissa shared a few new bikini pictures on Instagram. Take a look at them after the jump and watch a cute video as well.

UPDATE: Almost 800 hot new paparazzi photos are available here.

Rihanna spends the day at the beach in Barbados

RiRi sure is enjoying her stay in Barbados. This Friday (August 7), she was seen leaving her luxurious villa at One Sandy Lane and heading to a yacht. Together with her friends, her brother Rorrey and Formula 1 racing car driver Lewis Hamilton, she did watersports. Click here to see over 300 photos and watch after the jump a couple funny videos of Rihanna dancing.

On Thursday, Ri enjoyed another sunny day at the beach. Click here for photos and watch a couple videos from her Snapchat (follow “Rihanna”) on Instagram.

Rihanna enjoys Kadooment Day in Barbados

RiRi is on fire!

This Tuesday (August 3), Rihanna, her friends and family all celebrated Kadooment Day in Barbados. And they seemed to have so much fun! Click here for photos, watch two professional videos after the jump and take a look at @balgalriri’s photos on Instagram.

The Barbados Kadooment is held on “Kadooment Day” and is the culmination of the Crop Over Festival Season. The Grand Kadooment is the official finale celebration of the season, usually held on the first Monday of August. This parade of Masquerade Bands, revel through the streets before judges in a Carnival-like fashion to be judged at strategic points.

Formula 1 racing car driver Lewis Hamilton was seen dancing next to Rihanna.

Click here for more info on her outfit.

More to come…

Rihanna parties at Barbados Crop Over Festival – Day 1

Rihanna is in Barbados and it’s being a little hard to keep up with her!

Yesterday (July 31), she spent the afternoon by the sun wearing a hot yellow bikini. Later, she and her friends had a great time while attending the Crop Over Festival and a private party. Then this Saturday (August 1), she once again spent the day by the sun.

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The Crop Over Festival in Barbados, which ends with the spectacular Carnival/Kadooment Parade, is the season used to celebrate the ending of the local Sugar Cane harvest, and is distinctly unique from the Carnival festivities in other Caribbean countries. Many “old time” elements like the local cultural characters mix with modern additions to give this festival a character unlike any other in the Caribbean. Celebrations are not only vibrantly colourful and full of music, but also reveal all aspects of Barbadian culture, a mixture of African survival heritage and Western modern culture through exhibitions of art, craft, music, and dance.

Rihanna is in Barbados

RiRi is back home! And she decided to share a couple new selfies on Instagram. Follow @badgalriri and her best friend @mdollas11 for more.

We sure will get some new hot pics in the next days, so make sure to visit us often and follow @RihannaDaily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more as well.

Rihanna shares new pictures from Barbados

Uma foto publicada por badgalriri (@badgalriri) em

After her short trip to Barbados, Rihanna decided to share 10 beautiful new photos taken this weekend. She’s seen posing with her niece Majesty and friends Melissa, Leandra and Sonita. Check out all of them after the jump.

Videos: Rihanna dancing with her friends in Barbados

Uma foto publicada por badgalriri (@badgalriri) em

After Rihanna posted beautiful new photos from Barbados on Instagram, her best friend decided to share a few videos of Ri having fun while dancing this Sunday (November 23)… and those are hot! Make sure to watch them after the jump.

RiRi enjoys a day with her friends in Barbados

Rihanna was seen yesterday (September 15) enjoying her time on a catamaran in Barbados. RiRi came to her home island to spend some time with her family and attend the christening of her niece Majesty. Click here or visit our Instagram for photos.

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