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Rihanna is in NYC
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After spending days in Detroit, RiRi was photographed at New York City’s JFK Airport on Tuesday (July 29). Click here for the first photos and check back later for more.

Rihanna is in Brazil
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Rihanna is in Rio de Janeiro again. She just landed at the city’s airport this afternoon (July 11). Rumour has it that Ri is in town for the final 2014 FIFA World Cup game between Germany and Argentina on Sunday.

Rihanna previously visited Brazil in 2011 during the Loud Tour and in early 2014, when she shot her Vogue Brazil cover.

Click here for photos and make sure to check our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more as well.

Video: Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport
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RiRi was seen at New York City’s JFK Airport with a bodyguard, her best friend and her brother this Tuesday morning (July 8). Watch above.

Rihanna spotted at LAX Airport, now in NYC
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Rihanna was spotted by paparazzi yesterday as she arrived at LAX Airport. Check here more pictures. Earlier this morning she was spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York City. Pictures can be found on RihannaVault as well.

Rihanna spotted at JFK Airport
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Rihanna was photographed at New York City’s JFK Airport this Saturday (May 31). She’s in town to receive the CFDA Fashion Icon Award for her impact on the industry as fashion’s most exciting ambassador in recent memory. You can find more pictures at!

Rihanna flies back to Los Angeles and gets mobbed by paparazzi
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Rihanna got mobbed by paparazzi when she flew back from London. On her arrival she was “welcomed” by almost 50 paparazzi hungry for a glimpse of miss RiRi. Click here for photos.

Rihanna was also seen arriving at Heathrow airport in London earlier, where she caught her flight. Click here for photos.