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“B*tch Better Have My Money”: Song Reviews
Posted on Mar 3th, 2015 by
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Rihanna’s brand new song has been released on iTunes & Google Play today and once again she proved nobody can pass unbothered by her new music release. Make sure to read some of the reviews of the song!

“Bitch Better Have My Money” is designed to make clubs rumble and arenas explode, and will successfully do so over the next year and beyond. A more imaginative hook would have been nice, but Rihanna is not playing nice here.

— Billboard

The grinding, trap-infused track, produced by Deputy, follows up “FourFiveSeconds,” her collaboration with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, and is a drastic shift from that song’s gentle, acoustic tone. “Don’t act like you forgot I call the shots,” asserts Rihanna on the confident club banger

— Rolling Stone

It’s a world away from the gospel-tinged campfire folk of the album’s first single, Kanye West/Paul McCartney collaboration “FourFiveSeconds.” This one is hypnotic, thudding, and confident, but the core’s the same: her voice, which seems to be reaching new heights.

— Time

The hard rhythm makes the most of Rihanna’s Caribbean accent, an intonation she has often relied on as a hook when all else fails. The Kanye connection in the song makes sense.


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    “Home” Premiere in Los Angeles
    Posted on Mar 3nd, 2015 by
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    Rihanna was looking flawless at DreamWorks “Home” movie premiere today in Los Angeles. She was joined on the red carpet by her niece Majesty (in an unusual Home-inspired stroller). Check out more pictures in the gallery.

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    Rihanna will receive a Western Hemisphere Entrepreneurial Award
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    Rihanna will receive a Western Hemisphere Entrepreneurial Award for her inspiration to young people across the Americas.

    The award is to be presented to the music diva during the Summit of the Americas in Panama early next month when United States President Barack Obama and heads of government in North America, the Caribbean and Latin America, including Barbados’ Freundel Stuart, will discuss the region’s pressing economic and social challenges.

    The award is being given by the Young Americas Business Trust, an arm of the Organisation of American States which is arranging the summit.

    The presentation to Rihanna is to take place in the presence of Obama and his counterparts from the Americas.

    “The Trust has selected Rihanna for this prestigious award because of her highly successful track record in music, her ability to remain at the top of her profession for so many years and because of the example she sets as an artiste and businesswomen.

    “Millions of young people, especially women across the Western Hemisphere, view the Barbadian as a role model as they dream of being successful in the global entertainment industry and in life,” said John Beale, Barbados’ ambassador to the US and the OAS who is vice-chairman of the Trust.

    Rihanna represents youth, a young and extremely talented female star who has used her skill to maximum advantage,” added Beale.

    The summit will be held in Panama City from April 10 to 11.

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    “Home” Special Screening in Plano, Texas
    Posted on Mar 3th, 2015 by
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    Things were fairly calm at the premiere of Home till Rihanna and Jim Parsons walked the red carpet together. Then the screams began.

    Most of them were for Rihanna, the R&B singer who does one of the voices for the animated movie, but Big Bang Theory star Parsons got his fair share, too, especially when the crowd started chanting “Sheldon!,” the character he plays on the CBS sitcom.

    Click here for photos.

    But the premiere wasn’t about them, or the movie, so much as it was about Cheryl “Action” Jackson, who founded Plano’s Minnie’s Food Pantry in 2008, using food from her own kitchen. Jackson, who is known for having a red carpet for her food-pantry clients, won the premiere screening in a “Bring Home to Your Hometown” contest on ABC’s Good Morning America. She also walked the red carpet, accompanied by family members — inlcuding her mother, Minnie, the food pantry’s namesake — at the screening at the Cinemark West in Plano.

    Make sure to watch the video here. More after the jump.

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    Rihanna: ‘Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time’
    Posted on Mar 3th, 2015 by
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    It takes a lot to shock Rihanna, but when photos surfaced recently of a young superfan who had turned herself into a walking shrine by covering her body in the image of her idol’s face, even the R&B princess thought the gesture was a little extreme.

    “You know what? I met her a while ago and she asked me to sign her arm. I signed it and then the next day I saw her again and she’d had it tatted. That was years ago and I hadn’t seen her much since then. But fast forward to now, that’s the update,” Rihanna laughs, shrugging her shoulders. “So, I guess she just never stopped.”

    The 27-year-old pop icon has over 22 tattoos and seems bemused by her fan’s behaviour, which could be considered a little creepy.

    “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t do it. But it’s not me.”

    Always in the news, Rihanna made history last week as the new face of Dior, with the Barbadian beauty the luxe brand’s first black spokeswoman.

    “I feel very special, not just as a woman of colour, which I think is brilliant, but as a woman to be acknowledged by Dior is very special.”

    It seems of late, Rihanna has also been acknowledged by a certain Leonardo DiCaprio, however, she negates rumours that the two A-listers are romantically involved.

    “Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time,” she warns.

    Check out more pictures from her recent “Home” movie photocall in NYC here.
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    “Home” Promo – Day #3
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    Today Rihanna took part in even more interviews regarding her latest movie “Home”. Check out some adorable photos of RiRi together with her co-cast – Jim Parsons and Steve Martin!

    Click here for photos.

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    “Home” promo – Day #2
    Posted on Mar 3th, 2015 by
    Categories: Appearances & Events, Home

    Yesterday Rihanna continued to promote her latest “Home” movie by doing various interviews. She also shared some really cool pictures from the Dremworks press room on Instagram.

    Later that day she was spotted doing selfies with fans. Check out more pictures here.

  • Rihanna out in NYC to promote HOME Movie
    Rihanna out in NYC to promote HOME Movie
    Posted on Mar 3th, 2015 by
    Categories: Latest News

    Rihanna was seen this morning in rainy New York City. She’s continues to promote her latest movie “Home” today! Check here more pictures.