Rihanna Wants to Know if You’ve been “Thottie or Nice” with new Holiday Fenty for Stance Collection

Perfect for the upcoming holidays, Rihanna and Stance announce their holiday collection of the Fenty for Stance by Rihanna line. For her latest offering, Rihanna gifts us with a curated mix of holiday kitsch, everyday ‘Fenty’ staples, along with a special “present” to her loyal Navy.

This collection marks the brand’s contributing creative director, designer, and Punk and Poet brand ambassador’s 9th drop with Stance.

The Fenty for Stance by Rihanna collection takes on a rich, wintery color palette with an eclectic mixture of preppy, grade school classics fused with festive notes of traditional holiday aesthetics. The Fenty Prep sock is made on Stance’s Anklet Roll Cuff construction in colors burgundy, cream, and navy and adorns a Fenty logo on the cuff of a ribbed knit base. Perfect for colder weather, the line offers two over-the-knee styles: the Pure Platinum, a shimmery hosiery sock with athletic striping detail and the Fur Fatale, Rihanna’s take on a familiar gym class aesthetic with white fur striping in black and red. For those pondering if they made Rihanna’s list this year, tap the Thottie or Nice, a 200-needle crew sock with athletic striping in colors wine and cream. Lastly, Rihanna is offering a gift specifically for her fans, the Saucy, taking on her stick figure, fan made “Rhenna” illustration, seen grasping a glass of red wine on Stance’s tomboy lite construction.

Rihanna’s Fenty for Stance holiday collection retails for $14-$24 and will be available November 7th at stance.com, Stance Flagship store in Soho, New York. For more information on new Stance releases, visit stance.com and follow Stance’s Instagram.

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5 Responses

  1. jermaine ]1s says:

    uH ]{ tIHz gOOOOO`sSSSSs tHotTiE is nICe rU time ]\[ cherri its really uh nuTthOuSe 4 t hOlidAY sOQx stUFF]\[ fENtyLoVeRs chANge t sCeNuHri4Men iTs oOOo]\[ &7 pOP]\[ @ bEt`R tUh bESt wESwEz stAY]\[ rORi u ate yEt gO o]\[ 1o mOVe tUh gEt fiLLeD aNz peELs mE jhu rU kANt cOUNt oN nUff]\[ iS tEr nOt n e tiNg][!v! bOMB_xmAs_sOQx_rI_gOHt_jHa_stUFf_rEdeEEEee gEt eM b4 ter r none as gone no more left wait not hhahahah im so serious


  2. jermaine ]1s says:

    mANdo gOhTa rOLloOOOo]\[


  3. Faithz says:

    Awesome, Collection, and right on time
    for the Holidays.


  4. Faithz says:

    I love how Rih keep thing so Exciting, and Fresh!!!!


  5. Alison says:

    The socks are cute. Good job all involved.