Rihanna attends SZA’s concert in New York City

Remember SZA, who collaborated with Rihanna in “Consideration“?

RiRi attended her concert in New York City this Tuesday (October 10). Although they did not pose together, Rihanna looked stunning while wearing braids and Burberry.

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Back in 2016, SZA talked Rihanna and “Consideration”:

How has life changed for you since “Consideration”?
It’s moreso the stuff that’s unseen—knowing that other artists that I respect, like Pharrell, know who I am now. Who knows if they would’ve heard of me otherwise.

How did the Rihanna collaboration happen?
Originally, it was a song I wrote for my album. Then we bonded. If there’s anybody that I could imagine singing my words, it would be her. She has the same tone, the same attitude; she’s so strong. Aside from just being beautiful, Rihanna doesn’t give a fuck and she just does what she wants. I love it.

I actually haven’t processed it at all. I remember asking her if it was a setup. I was like, “Are you sure you wanna be on a song with me?” And she just laughed at me and she said, “Yes.” I didn’t think it was gonna happen. It’s a blessing, and it’s a move in the right direction. I just don’t even know how it feels ’cause I’m shocked.

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  1. jermaine ]1s says:

    eY n@`sSSSSs kAN u rIbLASt a nON bLuRry fLiQx i sURe iS uH nICe 1 tHNx oVEr tEr ukNOWLes wHERe ]{ hApPy yADy gEts hApPIER


  2. Faithz says:

    Rih Loves showing support for Others~