Rihanna Brought Millennial Pink Mountains To The Runway For Her Fenty x Puma Show

Once again, Rihanna has returned to NYFW to debut another Fenty x Puma collection. The pop star is making inroads in fashion with an impressive show combining motocross stunts and colourful surf aesthetics. It takes a lot to get the fashion crowd properly revved up at a catwalk show, but Rihanna pulled it off at her Fenty x Puma show in New York on Sunday night.

It wasn’t the clothes that had the style press on the edge of their seats as much as the preamble, during which a team of motocross stunt performers vroomed up ramps and were propelled into the air to perform somersaults, flips and other seemingly impossible tricks. The striking set, which comprised towering spot-lit dunes of glittering pink sand, added to the drama.

There were cycling shorts and wader-like overalls, bum bags, zip-up tops, wetsuits, high-heeled Puma-branded flip-flops and thigh-high boots which looked somewhere between Pretty Woman and a pair of galoshes.

Check the complete collection below!


There was a preponderance of swimming suits confirming one of the oddest microtrends from New York fashion week so far: that of wearing swimsuits with very high-cut legs beneath shorts and skirts, with a few inches of bare skin left visible at the hip.

Logos ran down arms and across chests, many of them saying “since 1988” which – as might be guessed – is the year Rihanna was born.

The pop star said in a statement the clothes were “a mix between two worlds: motocross and surf. It was a challenge to bring them together but it ended up being the perfect combination.”

Rihanna is one of a handful of celebrities with huge social media followings making inroads in fashion (see also Beyoncé, Kanye West and Justin Bieber) while traditional entertainment industry revenues decline.

Whatever you think about that shift, in terms of representation, Rihanna is certainly a force for good. Not only were the models at the show ethnically diverse and exuberant but, on the preceding Friday, she launched her own beauty line, which, with 40 shades of foundation, is once of the most inclusive beauty ranges ever.

Rihanna also knows how to make an exit. At the end of the show, rather than the customary bow, she appeared, resplendent in retina-searing green, and did a lap of honour on the back of a motorbike.

After the fashion show Rihanna celebrated her new collection preview at an afterparty.

Afterparty for the #FentyxPuma fashion show.

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#FENTYxPUMA after party. 💖

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  1. CHRIST says:

    Tell my boo , I love her
    With all my heart ♥️☀️♥️
    And thank you for
    Having Beautiful picture
    Of my boo 👑🎈


  2. CHRIST says:

    Tell my boo, now she only
    Need, Beautiful little kids
    Clothing for girls , saying
    RT Beauty 💋


  3. Faithz says:

    Been Representing for Rihanna Since Day one, and I am so Proud of Her many Accomplishments, and
    what she has been able to bring to Music, Fashion, Fragrances, and Film Thus Far. I remember Representing so long and hard at grape Juice that the Wen Master blocked me off their site, But it’s all good, because She has clearly and surely become a Force to be Reckoned with, and the Masses better know it.


  4. Faithz says:

    Back in the day when I would get loose on grape Juice the web master hated me for taking up for her, and all the while what I stated was nothing but Facts, Truths and now Rih Goodness has been Running all over the Charts, Bllogs, and Entertainment Media big time. One of my things was this,,,What God has for Rihanna is for Her, and the devil in #ell can’t keep her from getting it. So she Journey right along, and getting even better with her Artistry, Craft, and Dominance,,

    ,…Rih Never let them see you sweat, and keep right on with your Work, Work, Work….


  5. Faithz says:

    Baby girl stays winning even with all the hate and industry snubs and manipulation. What so many fail to understand is RIHANNA… Transcends Way beyond the music industry. She is a True star, a Movement, a Global Figure. With all the Trash Talk , and Roadblocks and Negativity that gets thrown at her to Try and bring Rih down, she has managed to
    be Blessed enough to stay on top, Winning and Shining like the True star, She was born to be….


  6. Faithz says:

    Rih is a Work of Art, and Loves her Job, and will never keep
    thrilling, and Blessing the Masses, with Her work in
    Music, Film, Fragrances, AND of course Fashion..


  7. Faithz says:

    With Puma, Her Beauty Line, and her Very Giving Heart, Rih is a Mogul, and
    is up there working right into Legendary Status…She is LOVED all around
    the World, and Her Navy Fans are with Her every step of the way…


  8. Alison says:

    Congrats Riri on a great show. Proud of you.


  9. bernard walker says:

    nothing let to be said . mini fashion show and ride . I’m attending the next one in October