Donate to Rihanna’s CLF for a chance to win a trip to the Diamond Ball

Donate today to Clara Lionel Foundation’s “$1 Campaign” – a new fundraising effort that continues Rihanna’s ongoing support for global education. Every one dollar donated will be a chance for one fan to win a trip to attend the upcoming Diamond Ball in New York City on September 14.

The campaign will run for two weeks, starting Tuesday, August 22 through Tuesday, September 5, 2017 and a winner will be chosen by Thursday, September 7.

CLF funds innovative education and health projects and the $1 Campaign is a way for fans and supporters to donate directly.

“I want to challenge each of you to make a commitment to help one person, one organization, one situation that touches your heart. My grandmother always used to say if you have a dollar there’s plenty to share,” said Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty at Harvard in February 2017.


Fast Facts:

  • Every $1 donated could provide 1 brick to a school in Malawi
  • Every $5 could provide 5 bricks to a school in Malawi
  • Every $10 could provide 10 books
  • Every $15 could provide a girl with essential school supplies

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3 Responses

  1. Maria Perez says:

    I just did much love and blessings baby Gal Rihanna


    • Alison says:

      Maria was it just a flat $1 donation or did the site aid fees. If they did how much did that add to the total. Thanks.


  2. alison says:

    I gave there is a tiny fee added on but it is no big deal. It is a good cause. Plus u might win and go see Riri at the ball in Nyc.#Clf