World’s Best Aunt Rihanna Took Her Niece to Get a Manicure

Rihanna is in the running for Best Aunt of the Year. She recently took time off from her very busy schedule to take her two-year-old niece, Majesty, to get a manicure.

“Her majesty and I, off to her nail appointment 💅🏽😂,” RiRi captioned a picture of the two of them having the cutest Aunt/Niece night out.

Majesty, for her part, kept her cool during the beginning of the manicure. In fact, she kept so cool that she looked 100% disinterested in the whole affair until she suddenly broke out into joyous toddler laughter. If only we could all react so perfectly to a manicure.

Rihanna and Majesty should go ahead and start an official squad, because we would follow all of those Instagram exploits.

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