Rihanna: Baddest bitch of the post-apocalypse in W’s September cover

For W’s September 2016 cover, Rihanna is imagined by Edward Enninful, Steven Klein and a slew of designers, as pop’s Furiosa, the last woman on earth and the ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future.

Rihanna played a queen of the post-apocalyptic world. And looking like a royal, of any kind, required getting the royal treatment.

“Rihanna is playing the Queen, so everything has to be custom made specifically for her,” explained W’s creative fashion and style director Edward Enninful.

With that in mind, Wtasked a handful of designers, from Jonathan Anderson at Loewe to John Galliano at Maison Margiela, to dream up a custom outfit for her royal highness. Here, a side-by-side comparison of the designers’ sketches with the final looks.


More via W Magazine’s website:

Behind the scenes:


Cartier tiara, earrings, and necklace; Rihanna’s own cuff earring and chain necklace (throughout). Hair by Yusef for Leonor Greyl Hair Care at Factory Downtown; makeup and tattoos by Pat McGrath Labs; manicures by Maria Salandra for Chanel at Fr8me.com. Set design by Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY.


Rihanna wears a Gareth Pugh coat and headpiece; Bordelle bra, harness, and briefs; Mugler Archive arm piece; Lynn Ban rings (right hand, throughout); Manolo Blahnik boots. On models, from left (throughout): Craig Green trousers; Chrishabana mouthpiece; Patrick Ian Hartley collar; Una Burke Leather arm brace. Hood by Air pants; Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz necklaces; model’s own sunglasses and ring. Hood by Air shorts; Falconiere mask; (from top) Jennifer Fisher necklace, Chrome Hearts necklace; Rob Goodwin shoulder harness; Una Burke Leather arm brace. Rothco boots (on all models).


Maison Margiela Haute Couture created by John Galliano especially for Rihanna cape; Jennifer Fisher earrings; Rachel Freire neck piece; Fannie Schiavoni bustier; Prada belt, Key chains, agenda, and boots; (left hand) Fallon rings; her own harness.


Loewe dress, corset, and cuffs (left wrist); Jennifer Fisher earrings; Jennifer Fisher x Net-A-Porter choker; (right wrist, from top) Nina Runsdorf bracelet, Loewe cuffs; (left hand) Jovana Djuric rings; Christopher Kane mesh sack.


Prada jacket, corsets, belt, key chains, keys, charms, agenda, tights, backpack, bag, furs, and boots; Cartier necklace; Jennifer Fisher hoop earring (worn as belt charm, top right); Jovana Djuric pendant necklace (worn as belt charm, bottom, middle). Beauty note: Make a bold statement with givenchy Le rouge lipstick in heroic red.


Hood by Air Atelier dress; E.L.F Zhou London bodysuit; Jennifer Fisher body chain; (left hand) Chrishabana rings; David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear vintage boots.


Dior peacoat and sunglasses; Marina Hoermanseder body piece; Prada backpack, bag (attached to backpack), furs, agenda, belt, key chains, keys, and charms; Vetements boots. On Model, left: Lauren Klassen necklace (worn as bracelet).


Rihanna wears Proenza Schouler dress; Jennifer Fisher earrings; Manuel Albarran face plate, bra, and leg pieces; Lynn Ban finger rings. On model: Hood by Air shorts; Falconiere mask; (from top) Jennifer Fishernecklace, Chrome Hearts necklace; Una Burke Leather arm brace; Rothko boots.

Producers: Anastasia Suchkov and Marcus Ward for North Six Productions; Digital Technician: Tadaaki Shibuya; Photography Assistants: Alex Lockett, Mark Luckasavage, Austin Kennedy, Tim Shin, Willy Ward, Adam Kaniowski; Fashion Assistants: Ryann Foulke, Dena Giannini; Hair Assistant: Naphia White; Set Design Assistants: Michael O’Connor, Yoni Zonszein, Nick Kozmin, Jamen Whitelock; Production Assistants: Manuel Somoza, Ryan Blythe, Stephen Hutchinson; special thanks to pier 59 studios


Cartier tiara, earrings, and necklace.

Rihanna’s hair by Yusef for Leonor Greyl Hair Care at Factory Downtown; male models’ hair by Amy Farid for Bumble and bumble at Kate Ryan Inc.; makeup and tattoos by Pat McGrath Labs; manicures by Maria Salandra for Chanel at Fr8me.com. Set design by Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY. Models: Deion Smith at Red model management; Chucky (aka Byron), Hirakish, and Sunny.

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