Rihanna to headline Global Citizen Festival

Rihanna will headline the latest Global Citizen Festival, with its aim to mobilise fans to fight the world’s most extreme poverty.

The festival, to take place on Sept 24 in New York’s Central Park, “sells” tickets based on actions taken such as social media postings and letters to promote development goals.

Find out how to get tickets here.

The concert will be broadcast in the United States on MSNBC and streamed internationally on YouTube and iHeartRadio.

This isn’t Rihanna’s first time helping improve educational opportunities. Her Clara Lionel Foundation, which is named after her grandparents, supports a scholarship fund and offers micro grants for school programs in her native Barbados.

The scholarships supports citizens or natives of Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, and Jamaica attending college in the U.S.

While her foundation started in 2012, Rihanna has a long history of giving. She founded the Believe Foundation when she was just 18 years old. The group gave critical, emotional, and medical support to terminally ill children. She also performed a number of charity concerts on behalf of the foundation.

She’s also worked handily to help raise awareness of the battle against HIV/AIDS and served as a UNICEF ambassador, among many other charitable acts.


Taking place each year around the time of the UN General Assembly, when hundreds of world leaders converge on New York, the Global Citizen Festival seeks to show public pressure on governments over development assistance.

This year, the festival takes on a new level of urgency with the migrant crisis as hundreds of thousands of people flee Syria and other war-ravaged countries.

Among actions to earn points toward tickets, Twitter users can voice support for a movement by Nadia Murad, a woman from the Yazidi minority in Iraq who endured three months of sexual slavery by the Islamic State group.

Murad is leading a bid to press the International Criminal Court to identify perpetrators and try them on genocide charges.

The festival will also put a focus on encouraging equal education for girls and refugee children — with literacy considered a key prerequisite in the fight against poverty.

Some 58 million adolescents around the world are not in school, with the gaps especially acute around Africa as well as in Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

“This year’s festival — and this incredible lineup — is an annual touch point to hold our world leaders to account on their commitments to solve the world’s biggest problems,” Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen which organizes the event, said in a statement.

Last year’s festival brought surprise appearances by US First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  1. Faithz says:

    Such a hard working young super
    Star, I love her get up and go Attitude
    About her work on her career and always lending a hand to help others up.


  2. Ibrahim khalil says:

    nadia Murad Nobelpreis


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    nadia Murad Nobelpreis!


  4. Ahmed says:

    Thank u so much Rihanna under skin u have a kindness and sweet heart your eyes look to people with love .Your voice although the far distance between us inters our hearts and we feel with safty since there are people like still on earth keeping their humanity ,God protect u dear Queen Rihanna .


  5. Sandro says:

    Thanks you very mich for your help Rihanna, we Yezidi will neuer forget your help


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    Nadia Murad Nobelpreis? Yes!