Rihanna Daily at ANTI World Tour in London (Review)

The moment ANTI World Tour was announced I knew I want to see more than one show – you can never get enough. Usually it’s complicated since I’m lucky IF there’s a show in my country and I need to travel around the world to see Rihanna on tour. The choice ‘which country’ seemed to be easy. Rihanna announced a stadium tour and one of the shows was taking place in the legendary UK arena – Wembley. For a music lover like me it was obvious where I’m going to see Rihanna’s next show. The date in London was my 12th Rihanna show – 3rd time in UK. When I saw her for the first time live in 2007 I didn’t expect our journey will take so long. Must be love on the brain.

We arrived to the Wembley Park quite late… fans were already queuing in line since 6 am. The weather was good contrary to what it was like for the last few day -flooding London town. Seemed like even the sun came out to see some RiRi.

Wembley you ready?! 👻rihannadaily

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The gates opened around 4pm and fans were trying to get the best spot. We got a pretty good view ourselves to together with team RihannaItalia and RihannaWorldNL. This time we’ve decided to attend the show in Golden Circle sector since this is where you can meet the most die-hard fans. And I wasn’t disappointed as there were only familiar faces passing by. This felt like a family reunion.

The stadium was getting full slowly. That was quickly picked by some people pretending that tickets didn’t sell – LOL! Unfortunately there was a problem with main train line which stopped working just before 4pm. This way fans were still trying to get to the stadium when the support started. Don’t worry – when Rihanna’s show started the stadium was almost full.

The show brought also some celebrity friends. Naomi Campbell was there, Lilly Allen and so was Sam Smith. On our way to Golden Circle we passed director Peter Berg who was filming the rumored documentary about Rihanna.

Firstly on the stage appeared DJ Mustard and the crowd was excited to hear some of his biggest hits. Lets not forget DJ Mustard himself stands behind Rihanna’s latest hit single “Needed Me”.

Next was Big Sean who most certainly did a great job. The stadium was getting wild when he finished his set with “I Don’t F*** With You”. Rihanna was set to appear next.

Exactly at 9:30pm we could hear the show begin. Fans were turning around trying to spot RiRi. And then we heard her voice. Oh how I missed her.

Rihanna came from the side of Wembley stage and just like a boxer walking to a ring she walked down to Stage B (in the middle of Wembley) surrounded by her bodyguards singing “Stay”. Hello tears! At this point I felt extremely proud. My girl was performing at the Wembley Stadium – as the main act – youngest black female to ever accomplish that – that was histoRIH in the making. I felt like a proud parent.

While she began singing “Love The Way You Lie” every soul in the stadium was singing aloud. What a beautiful moment. It makes me no surprised Rihanna shattered a tear while she was performing this song couple days ago in Dublin. This was really an emotional moment.


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When the first beat of “Woo” began Rihanna started walking the glass walkway. She was in full control of the crowd. I’m surprised how now this song is stuck in my head. When I hear it my memory goes back to that walk. We were so close to her while she was passing just above our heads. Rihanna stayed above us until “Sex With Me” and then walked to the main stage to perform “Birthday Cake”.

At this point we got to mention Rihanna’s dancers – oh boy they can dance! Even though the whole stage is minimalistic (all white!) it only allows you to focus 100% on the act. Rihanna sang the longer version of the song and then smoothly started “Pour It Up”. Rihanna was looking beautiful as she was dressed in creme outfit with high boots. It still amazed me how she can dance easily with the high heels on. Together with her amazing dancers she was singing and dancing to “Numb” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” next. During this song fans started taking out printed pounds. Money were all in the air. Rihanna then stepped down from the scene and her band started playing “Goodnight Gotham”.

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RiRi came back to the stage after outfit change and began singing “Consideration”. She was giving all of her into this song. The whole stadium was giving the same in return. I was amazed because for the first time even I could see the whole crowd standing through the whole show. No matter if you were upper or lower stands – everyone were dancing – all 91 000 of fans. Beautiful view.

“Live Your Life/ Run This Town/ All Of The Lights” is inseparable part of every Rihanna’s show. And you won’t be surprised why. The crowd is getting insane! And then was Rihanna’s 10 years old #1 hit – Umbrella. I still remember how it used to be the finishing track of her shows. Now it’s in the middle – because contrary to what people claimed back in 2006 – she’s no one hit wonder. After 10 years she proved she is a hit machine – a legend – and now as a legend she is performing on the legendary stadium. Epic.

After “Umbrella” she took a break to talk to the crowd. She then introduced one of my favorite tracks from her latest album ANTI – “Desperado”! And she didn’t disappoint again. When she left the stage Tim Stewart, her guitarist, started to show his skills. Oh myyyyy… You can’t catch a breath even for a moment because even when Rihanna is not present on the stage her crew is giving the best of them. Shout out to them!

Rihanna was back on the stage after quick wardrobe change. She was now wearing Armani Prive black jumpsuit and a long coat. She started performing “Man Down”. Ram Pa Pa Pam. Next Rihanna brought her another “oldie” when she began sining “Rude Boy”. The crowd went wild when everyone heard the first tunes of “Work”. When you see everyone going crazy, singing and dancing to this track you understand why it’s one of her biggest hits now. Even without Drake around Rihanna did one hella good job singing another of their hit singles “Take Care” – this time in collaboration with Wembey stadium.When she left the stage her dancers made a dance face off proving one more time how amazing they are. This moment when they fall down on the back of their heads – OMG!

RiRi wasn’t gone for long as she came back to perform “We Found Love” mixed with another Calvin Harris hit single “How Deep Is Your Love”. You got to admit these songs sound perfect together. Rihanna showed some of her dancing skills herself. Then she began singing “Where Have You Been” along with the crowd. She left the stage and her “bone-breaking” dancers showed what they do best – I couldn’t even look! Lets just say it is apparently possible to move your arm around 360 degrees. Still got goosebumps when I even think about this.

Rihanna was back to the stage after changing to her last outfit and began singing another of my ANTI favorite “Needed Me”. It felt as she was dedicating the song to every single person present at the Wembley stadium. She gave her heart into this song. Then she started singing her Tame Impala “Same Ol’ Mistakes” cover. This song is really perfect for ANTI album and the live version proves why Rihanna chose this song. She really loves it and sing it perfectly. I loved how the big screens changed the color to LSD effect giving it extra vibe. Everyone were high on RiRi.

It was an emotional moment when Rihanna began singing “Diamonds”. She asked everyone in the crowd to take out their mobile phones and turn on the light. Wembley was indeed shining bright. You could then notice it was 100% full. Don’t believe what haters are saying. Wembley was 100% full of Rihanna Navy.

Still can't get over the fact we went to #Wembley to see the Queen to perform. Best show ever! 💎

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You could see these were only die hard fans in presence as everyone started signing “FourFiveSeconds” along with Rihanna. And let me say – her vocals. OMG. If anyone would even claim it’s playback then they GOT to see a doctor immediately because clearly you got problems with ears. She was amazing.

Just as I thought this show couldn’t get any better Rihanna has started singing “Love On The Brain”. While we were heading to the stadium with other fans we were talking which song we are most anxious to hear. All of us had the very same answer – “Love On The Brain”. To be honest, at some point I was sad she couldn’t sing this song twice. Crazy you think? Wait until you hear it!

It was no surprise then I started getting emotional again during “Love On The Brain”. Her vocals. OMG OMG! At this point I felt extremely proud again. You need to understand it requires a lot of dedication to update a fansite every single day for over 10 years. We get no breaks. We are here almost 24/7. And these moments like hearing “Love On The Brain” live only proves it’s all worth it – because we are stanning the most amazing, most talented woman. And she never disappoints. She didn’t disappoint here either. And then “Kiss It Better” started. I’m not sure what is it about this song but it sounded even better live rather then on CD. I need Kiss It Better live version is CD quality pretty please. I’m pretty sure “KIB” and “Woo” are the two most unexpected favorite tracks from the show. After each tour I find one track that always reminds me of the show whenever I hear it. It was the beginning for “Pon De Replay” for Good Girl Gone Bad Tour. “Rockstar 101” for Last Girl On Earth Tour. “We Found Love” for Loud Tour. “Phresh Out The Runway” for 777 Tour. “Jump” for Diamonds World Tour. And now “Woo” and “Kiss It Better” for AWT.

Rihanna has finished her show with this song and after thanking the crowd she has left the stage. While we were leaving the stadium we could see the credits with “Higher” being played in the back. This was indeed an amazing show. I love how minimalistic it was but still the effects were insane. Like the foam – who makes foam on a live show? Where did the foam go later? How was it made? Why am I even thinking about the foam?

One is for sure. ANTI World Tour is about proving how incredibly talented Rihanna is. And she does not disappoints. So if you still have any doubts about attending ANTI World Tour you shouldn’t think twice. It’s really worth seeing as it’s nothing like any other her tours.

At this point I would like to thank all the fans to came by to see us. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for your constant support towards Rihanna Daily. You guys are like family to us. We felt so happy we could experience this show together. See you on the next one!

Yas Girl!

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  1. Amy RihannaNavy says:

    I am so happy that u had amazing night. I was meant to of gone to her show on saturday 25th but was unable to as I wasn’t feeling well & that just teared me inside. I really wanted to see Rihanna so so badly. And I made myself feel worst by crying so much on saturday & sunday. just the worse feeling ever!! And still not happy about it. I saw Rihanna her loud tour & that was hard enough to move forward. I Love Rihanna so much. keep fingers cross there be next time. glad u had amazing night. x


  2. Bernard Walker says:

    Train is too busy busy . Stage can handle Rihanna and her fans no problem . ♣♣♣♣↑↓


  3. Keisha says:

    Reading this review takes me back to her Philly show for the Anti tour! I will always be proud of Rih Rih!!! 😘😘 #RihannaNavy