ANTI #1 on Billboard 200

Rihanna’s latest album lands at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart!

“Anti” became available in digital sales last Friday, January 29th after a one day exclusive Tidal release. The album is now available physically!

Congratulations, Rihanna!!!

Download/Stream ANTI on:

TIDAL    iTunes     Google Play    Amazon    Spotify

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4 Responses

  1. Maria Perez says:

    I’m getting my CD THOUGH Amazon can’t wait to have it in my car I have it on TIDAL PUT I getting the CD for my collection in my car yeah yeah! !!!


  2. Antonio Humann says:

    Hey Rihanna I lIke your new Album anti the one that’s top of the charts of billboard 200 I like you a lot I like you your a good singer and songwriter and your a goof songwriter you did a pretty good jon on your album a beautiful painting job on your album I like the pretty colors on your newest album it looks beautiful as you rihanna I like you wearing your crown congratulations on your newest album anti your newest songs in your newest album Will be a success


  3. rosy says:

    Proud of you baby girl no one can take your shine even if dem try as soon as you come out and get attention here comes this hoof with something new to compete it won’t work really anyway you should have performed at the NFL not the same tired people