RihannaNavy on hunt for ANTI

Just when you thought it’s going to be a regular album release (yeah, right) Rihanna is taking out the big guns. ANTIdiaRy is really coming outside online world!

Earlier today a selected group of fans received misterious boxes.

See after the cut what they found inside!

And that’s not all yet! The Key Holder posted 3 different locations asking fans to look for them! Do you recognize the locations? Let us know!!

Note: you need to look for the exact location from images – not the Instagram location. Hear the story from Olivia who found one of the boxes!


Dallas location

Chicago location

Story developing…

If you got some clues from teh Key Holder e-mail us!

Profile photo of Natalie


2 Responses

  1. bernard walker says:

    Playa playa . Anti 3 room kool


  2. Maria Perez says:

    I’m in Deep take me deeper into your dreams baby gal Rihanna love you