ANTIdiaRY – The Bedroom

The first room at was just unveiled (use your mobile device to open)! Make sure to see THE BEDROOM and look for clues!


How do you think, what’s the meaning of first clue? Join the discussion here.

Profile photo of Natalie

3 Responses

  1. Toni Lay says:

    All the elements that made her who she is and will become. She expresses the love she has for her brother Rory.


  2. Dionte McPherson says:

    The girl is Rihanna
    The boy Is €Mc²

    The boy is Useing his gift Writing on his wall via is social media to get her to notice.
    The girl is useing her gift creating music trying to get him to notice.

    Destiny is the song.
    The Ceiling is the canvas.

    They are connected and meet in the bed room in barbados. He tri his best to get their.


  3. Bernard Walker says:

    Growing up . We all have these . Travel plans and dreams . Tri cycle is waiting for a pilot . Wall a painter of words . Horse a steeple to chase . Rihanna rokkd it