Rihanna celebrates 26th bday + “The Monster” hits 100 mln on VEVO!
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Rihanna celebrated 26th birthday… in a jacuzzi! Check out some of the pictures she posted on her Instagram!

In other news “The Monster” video with Eminem has just passed 100 million news which means it’s yet another #VEVOCertified video featuring Rihanna. We literally lost track which one! ;-) #QueenofVEVO! Check out a playlist featuring some other Rihanna’s VEVO Certified videos here. Watch “The Monster” below.


  • Faithz

    Exciting to know!!

  • Faithz

    Enjoyed the birthday pictures.

  • Faithz

    She’s the talk, around the World.

  • Faithz

    You are such a class act.


    Navy Riri is going to do 3 dates with Eminem this summer. Nyc, LA and Det.

  • Val

    Riri is one such & that’s it.

  • epix

    Cheers drink to that next to be certified. Needs 5M views

  • Faithz

    This is great and I hope they add more Dates.

  • Rafael Centenera

    9 \(O) // I love you Robyn <3